AMOS-5110 (EOL)

  • Fanless Operation
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Dedicated DX10.1 S3 Graphics GPU
  • VGA, Dual LVDS, Dual HDMI and Dual DVI ports
  • TV Out + 8 Channel HD audio


VIA AMOS-5110 Development Kit

The VIA AMOS-5110 development kit features the VIA EITX-3000 in tandem with the VIA EMIO-3110 module, offering a 64-bit VIA Nano® processor alongside advanced graphics and video processing with a dedicated DirectX 10.1 S3 Graphics 4300E graphics processor and 256MB of dedicated GDDR3 memory.

The VIA AMOS-5110 support for VGA, dual LVDS, dual DVI and dual HDMI display ports that offer up to six independently configurable displays with up to four separate content streams, making the VIA AMOS-5110 ideal for a range of advanced multimedia applications including next generation digital signage, POI and gaming applications.

A flexible and extendable chassis system includes optional a dual 2.5″ SATA drive bay.


AMOS-5110 Documentation

Datasheetv1202202012 Feb 25
Operating Guidev1.002010 Aug 24

AMOS-5110 BIOS / BIOS Flash Utility

BIOSv1.012010 Jul 22
BIOS Flash Utility for DOSv1.022010 Jul 22

AMOS-5110 Driver Downloads

Windows® 7 32/64bit
Audiov7500a2010 Jul 22
Ethernetv.312010 Jul 20
VGAv24.10.04n2010 Jul 20
Windows® XP 32bit
Audiov7500a2010 Jul 21
Ethernetv.312010 Jul 21
Hyperion Pro 4 in 1v5.23a2010 Jul 21
USB 2.0v2.702010 Jul 21
VGAv20.10.01L2010 Jul 21
WLANv1.512010 Jul 21

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