• Integrated VIA C-9 HC3 DX9 3D/2D graphics with MPEG-2 and WMV9 decoding acceleration
  • Supports DDR2 533/667 SDRAM (SODIMM)
  • Supports two SATA
  • Supports one PCIe Gigabit Ethernet
  • Supports one CF (Compact Flash) Type I


VIA EPIA-N800 Nano-ITX Board

The VIA EPIA-N800 is a compact, low heat, power-efficient Nano-ITX board that brings together for the first time the VIA Nano® processor and the VIA VX800 media system processor, making a platform that is tailor-made for the next wave of digitally enhanced compact embedded devices.

Aimed at compact digital display and signage applications, the VIA EPIA-N800 takes advantage of the high performance VIA Nano® processor and further leverages the media savvy VIA VX800 MSP to bring HD video playback across multi-display configurations via a 24-bit, dual channel LVDS transmitter. The VIA C-Motion video engine offers excellent hardware accelerated video playback for MPEG-2, WMV9 and VC1.n

Measuring only 12cm x 12cm, the VIA EPIA-N800 is features a 1.3+GHz VIA Nano® processor, supporting up to 2GB of DDR2 system memory and includes two onboard S-ATA connectors, two USB 2.0, one COM and one Gigabit LAN port. Expansion includes a Mini-PCI slot with an IDE port, additional COM and USB ports and PS/2 support available through pin-headers.


EPIA-N800 Documentaiton

Datasheetv1306212013 Jul 02
Operating Guidev1.002009 Dec 16
User Manualv1.042010 Aug 19

EPIA-N800 BIOS / BIOS Flash Utility

BIOSv1.032011 Feb 11
BIOS Flash Utility for DOSv1.054a2013 May 24

EPIA-N800 Driver Downloads

Windows® 7 64bit
Audiov7500a2010 Dec 13
Ethernetv1.352010 Dec 10
VGAv24.10.04n2010 Dec 10
Windows® 7 32bit
Audiov7500a2010 Dec 13
Ethernetv1.352010 Dec 10
VGAv24.10.04n2010 Dec 10
Windows® XP 32bit
Audiov720a2010 Dec 13
Ethernetv0.312010 Dec 13
Hyperion Pro 4 in 1v5.23a2010 Dec 11
SATAv2.90a2010 Oct 11
USB 2.0v2.702010 Dec 11
VGAv20.14.01q2010 Dec 13
Windows® CE6
Audiov1.3a2011 Feb 12
Ethernetv1.632011 Feb 12
VGAv7.06.32.3912011 Feb 12
Windows® CE6
Audiov1.5a2011 Feb 12
Ethernetv1.632011 Feb 12
VGAv7.05.32.3912011 Feb 12

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