I/O Cards: EMIO-3430 (EOL)

  • Supports one PC Card slot for PCMCIA or CardBus card
  • Supports interface socket for optional 802.11b/g Wireless LAN card
  • Supports interface sockets for optional GPS module
  • Built-in 6-W stereo audio power amplifier
  • Compatible with Em-IO based system board: VIA EITX-3000


VIA EMIO-3430 I/O Cards

In-vehicle hardware platforms need rugged design. Such platforms need the be ready for any bump on the road.

When in-vehicle systems are being designed for fleet management applications, ruggedness is not the only consideration. Fleet management systems also have to handle a variety of programs that cater to both passengers and visitors. This extra load generally means that the in-vehicle system must be able to deliver high quality multimedia to multiple displays simultaneously across a wireless network.

The EMIO-3110 (an Em-IO expansion module designed for extending multimedia capabilties) and the EMIO-3430 (an Em-IO expansion module designed for supporting wireless networks) are particularly useful for in-vehicle systems. The combination of the VIA EITX-3000, EMIO-3110, and EMIO-3430 enables an in-vehicle system to display, maintain, and control multimedia content across a wireless network using WiFi or Bluetooth. The EMIO-3430 also supports GPS, which makes it ideal for implementing a real-time tracking system for a fleet of vehicles.


EMIO-3430 Documentation

Datasheetv1101262011 Feb 15
Operating Guidev1.002010 Apr 11

EMIO-3430 Driver Downloads

Windows® XP
Audiov660c2010 Apr 08
Bluetoothv5.5.75002010 Apr 08
Ethernetv.312010 Apr 08
Hyperion Pro 4 in 1v5.23a2010 Apr 08
USB 2.0v2.702010 Apr 08
VGAv20.10.01L2010 Apr 08
WLANv.1512010 Apr 08

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