NAB 7400 / 7410 (EOL)

  • Energy-efficient 1.0GHz VIA C7® processor
  • Supports up to 1GB of DDR2 system memory
  • Integrated VIA C-Pro graphics
  • Incredible reliability and energy efficiency for developers of x86 embedded network appliances
  • Fully compatible with Microsoft® Windows® 2000/XP, CE and XPe, and Linux operating systems


VIA NAB 7400/7410 board

Addressing the needs of a highly competitive market the VIA NAB 7400 board offers incredible reliability and energy efficiency for developers of x86 embedded network appliances.

Powered by an energy-efficient 1.0GHz VIA C7® processor and the versatile VIA CN700 chipset, the VIA NAB-7400 supports up to 1GB of DDR2 system memory and integrated VIA C-Pro graphics. A Golden Finger expansion module is integrated for discreet system expansion.

The VIA NAB 7400 features four Fast Ethernet PCI Ports while the NAB-7410 provides four Gigabit Ethernet ports*; a USB WLAN interface, two S-ATA ports and 2 Ultra DMA IDE connectors, a serial port with console re-direction (inc. pin connectors for three additional Serial COM 2/3/4 ports), front panel LED connectors for network activity and a VGA pin connector.

Fully compatible with Microsoft® Windows® XP  and Linux operating systems, the VIA NAB-7400 and NAB-7410 boards offer a comprehensive suite of drivers.


NAB7400 / 7410 Documentation

Operating Guidev1.102008 Jan 22
User Manualv1.112008 Jan 22

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