VB8001 (EOL)

  • Integrated VIA C-9 HC graphics with 2D/3D and video acceleration
  • Supports DDR2 667 SDRAM
  • Supports one IDE and two SATA hard drives
  • Supports one PCIe Gigabit Ethernet
  • Supports one VGA port


VB8001 Mini-ITX Board

Powered by a 64-bit, superscalar, 1.6GHz VIA Nano® processor, the VIA VB8001 brings stellar performance to the Mini-ITX form factor. Offering system expansion options for a truly power-efficient and visually optimized PC, the VIA VB8001 combines the performance of the VIA Nano® processor with PCI Express.

A combination of performance and energy-efficiency, the VIA VB8001 is a perfect choice for mini desktop and optimized PCs. The VIA CN896 chipset offers superb graphics and video playback with hardware acceleration for the latest video codecs for a smooth multimedia experience.

The VIA VB8001 board is a full featured Mini-ITX board using the latest 1.6 GHz VIA Nano® processor. Supporting up to 4GB of DDR2 system memory, the VIA VB8001 features integrated VIA C-9 graphics with unified video acceleration, one x16 PCI Express slot, Gigabit LAN, two COM ports, 2 S-ATA ports, a Mini PCI port and 5.1 channel audio.


VB8001 Documentation

Datasheetv1202132012 Feb 25
Operating Guidev1.002008 Oct 24
User Manualv1.012009 Jun 11

VB8001 BIOS / BIOS Flash Utility

BIOSv1.012011 Dec 16
BIOS Flash Utility for DOSv1.0522012 Jul 06

VB8001 Driver Downloads

Windows® XP 32bit
Audiov530c2008 Oct 27
Ethernetv3.12008 Oct 27
Fast InfraRedv1.30a2008 Oct 27
Hyperion Pro 4 in 1v5.14a2008 Oct 27
USB 2.0v2.702008 Oct 27
VGAv20.02.01g2008 Oct 27
Windows® CE6
Audiov1.3a2009 Aug 13
Ethernet1.632009 Aug 13
VGAv6.00332009 Aug 13
Windows® CE5
Audiov1.5a2009 Aug 13
Ethernetv1.632009 Aug 13
VGAv5.00322009 Aug 13

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