S3 Graphics Announces Availability of GammaC-S18 PCI Express Graphics

GammaC GPUs boast native support of PCI Express and Hi-Def™ HDTV, bringing the latest graphics and video technologies to the mainstream

Fremont, 9 March 2005 – Keeping pace with the latest developments in the graphics arena, S3 Graphics today announced the availability of GammaC-S18, the first in the GammaC line of GPUs targeted at the mainstream graphics market, featuring full DirectX 9.0 hardware, a native PCI Express interface and S3G’s signature Hi-Def™ native HDTV display capability for the ultimate visual experience.

Maintaining S3 Graphics’ emphasis on video performance and quality, GammaC comes equipped with the second generation programmable video engine, C-Motion 2.0 that combines an extensive range of video rendering, manipulation and display tools for a greatly enhanced digital media experience. In addition to the native HDTV encoder, GammaC integrates hardware digital video accelerators, and supports all the latest displays, including rotating monitors and multiple screen configurations.

At the same time, GammaC’s highly efficient new DirectX 9.0 compliant 3D engine with full precision pixel pipelines delivers the highest geometry-to-pixel ratio processing in the industry for incredible 3D performance across the full spectrum of PC games, reflecting the current movement towards more refined 3D and richer visual detail.

“GammaC represents the next generation of GPUs, combining superlative video features and amazing 3D performance with native PCI Express, exceeding the expectations of even the most discerning mainstream users,” said Gerry Liu, Vice President of Marketing at S3 Graphics. “Pound for pound, GammaC-S18 outpaces its competitors for performance and real features in this highly contested market.”

The GammaC family of native PCI Express graphics sub-systems comprises highly-targeted GPUs for specific mainstream market segments; the mid-range GammaC-S18 Pro is the first to market, aimed at the high volume mainstream, while subsequent skus will address the high performance mainstream and the ultra low power sectors.

About S3 Graphics GammaC
Boasting powerful video processing capabilities as well as superb 3D performance, GammaC is the latest range of high performance, feature-rich GPUs from S3 Graphics, distinctive for the native support of both the new PCI Express interconnect, implemented as x16 or x8 for a total throughput of up to 8GB/s, as well as the trademark Hi-Def HDTV.

With clock speeds of up to 500MHz, the GammaC-S18 family covers the entire mainstream segment of the graphics market and beyond, yet maintains the low power design aspect of S3 Graphics’ series of GPUs, requiring less noisy cooling that can detract from the viewing experience.

The highly regarded C-Motion programmable video engine, first introduced with the DeltaC family of AGP GPUs, has been enhanced for GammaC to provide the ultimate video quality and performance. Superb line doubling is achieved using the adaptive de-interlacing technique, with per-pixel analysis of a video stream in real time for optimal processing, amounting to a video engine computational capacity on a par with the 3D engine itself.

The high quality, native HDTV-out integrated into GammaC is the industry’s only 1080p (progressive) capable true HD encoder, able to drive the very latest HDTV-enabled screens and create the most stunning display ever from a PC. Not only is the image output by GammaC dense and rich, but your PC display can also utilize the entire wide screen and big screen capabilities of HDTVs, maximizing the investment in this cutting-edge display format.

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