VIA Extends the Thrills of ‘DOOM 3: Resurrection of Evil’ with 2 New Custom Maps

Available from VIA Gamers Arena, new Deathmatch map ports offer fresh strategies with new weapons, more ammunition and added detail, as well as radical changes in lighting and texturing

Taipei, Taiwan, 18 April 2005 – VIA Technologies, Inc, a leading innovator and developer of silicon chip technologies and PC platform solutions, today released VIAVGA DM1 XP and VIAVGA DM2 XP, two custom made multiplayer maps for DOOM 3: Resurrection of Evil, the sequel to the stunning FPS game from id Software.

Created by noted mapper Josh ‘b0rg’ Holmes, the editor of VIA’s official games website VIA Gamers Arena, both maps are considerably modified versions of the highly successful custom-made DOOM 3 Deathmatch maps, VIAVGA DM1 and VIAVGA DM2 launched last year and made available on prominent hardware magazine CDs as well as various websites.

Built specifically for the DOOM 3 expansion pack, ‘Resurrection of Evil’, these new maps have been optimized and modified in numerous ways, including lighting and detail adjustments. Both the double-barrel shotgun and gravity-based ‘Grabber’ gun have been incorporated, as well as various objects that can be picked up and used as missiles. Extensive adjustments have also been made to spawn locations, weapon and item placements to create a whole new feel to the action.

“The tremendous popularity of VIA’s first custom maps for Doom 3 compelled me to update them for Resurrection of Evil”, said Josh Holmes, editor of VIA Gamers Arena. “Not only could I optimize them for improved frame rate performance, I was also able to overhaul the lighting and add detail to address a few game play issues that arose after the previous maps were released. The extra weapons in Resurrection of Evil change the status quo, and I was able to adjust both maps to maximize that effect.”

Featuring original assets from DOOM 3 and DOOM 3: Resurrection of Evil, as well as several custom lights and decals, the general layout and design of each map evokes subtle but significant changes from the original maps. More spawn points, weapons and items have been added to accommodate higher player numbers and various extra details have been incorporated, including trunks, explosive fuel and slime barrels as well as wall mounted oxygen tanks – all which can be picked up by the Grabber gun and propelled at the enemy. Overall lighting has also been altered, radically in some cases, creating an altogether different mood from the earlier versions.

VIAVGA DM1 XP and VIAVGA DM2 XP support all Deathmatch modes of play and are well suited to larger sized, ‘Free For All’ (FFA) and Team Deathmatch (Team DM) games for up to 8 players.

VIA Technologies, Inc.