ITRI Creativity Lab Director Addresses VTF2005 on Innovation and Technology

VTF2005 to feature Dr Wen-Jean Hsueh on the importance of fostering creativity among the engineering community to ensure the future of the Taiwan’s IT industry

Taipei, Taiwan, May 24 2005, – VIA Technologies, Inc, a leading innovator and developer of silicon chip technologies and PC platform solutions, today announced a highlight speaker at VTF2005, Dr. Wen-Jean Hsueh, Director of the Creativity Laboratory, part of the prestigious Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) of Taiwan.

As the IT industry becomes increasingly competitive and components more commoditized, driving costs down across the board, companies must find ways to add more value to their product line-ups in order to maintain margins. While Taiwan’s prolific industrial and manufacturing base, the powerhouse of the world’s IT industry, is ideally equipped to solving technical problems with its outstanding engineering base, it now needs a more innovative approach to remain competitive. The Creativity Laboratory at Taiwan’s Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) was founded in 2004 to initiate this change.

Recently reviewed in Business Week magazine, t he Creativity Lab aims to foster creative thought among Taiwan’s engineers, to get them to devise new application challenges rather than meet existing ones, and is partnered with MIT’s highly acclaimed Media Lab to share ideas. A distinguished speaker and previous recipient of the Outstanding Innovator Award, Dr Wen-Jean Hsueh, co-founder and Director of the Creativity Laboratory, will deliver a talk at VTF2005 on engendering an atmosphere of innovation among technical thinkers.

“We are delighted that Dr Hsueh will share her vision on stimulating creativity within the industry with VTF participants,” said Richard Brown, Associate Vice President of Marketing, VIA Technologies, Inc. “The Emerging Market Innovation track will focus on the importance of innovation in all aspects of product development, from device function to ergonomics and aesthetics, in driving new markets as technology extends further into our lives.”

Dr Hsueh will speak on ‘Technology with a Perspective’ at the VTF Emerging Market Innovation Technology Track taking place on Friday 3 June 2005 at the Grand Hyatt Taipei Hotel. This technology track will explore the nature of multiple emerging markets – from the exciting new applications growing up around embedded platforms to the unique challenges facing developing nations in bridging the digital divide – and analyze the innovative strategies and technologies required to meet the challenges of these diverse contemporary markets.

About the VIA Technology Forum

The annual VIA Technology Forum (VTF) demonstrates VIA’s commitment to develop an innovative open architecture technology platform to enable our partners to take advantage of opportunities, merging the latest technologies with their innovative ideas and business models in the creation of exciting new products and applications. VTF2005 will build upon VIA’s vision for the industry, and examine the technology and application trends, demonstrating how digital brilliance is driving the proliferation of the digital lifestyle.

VTF2005 will feature a comprehensive program of keynote addresses and three specialist technology tracks. The High Definition Computing technology track focuses on advanced technologies driving the PC platform in enterprise computing and the next generation of performance PCs; the Mobile Platforms technology track looks at the transition of mobile x86 systems from PCs to communicating and entertaining devices, emphasizing processor and platform technologies that increase mobility and enhance functionality and the Emerging Market Innovation technology track addresses key platforms and technologies for new markets and highlights strategies to reach the next one billion PC users.

About VIA Technologies, Inc.

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