VIA Networking Launches the Atlantic VT6528 Ethernet Switch Controller

Powerful Layer 2+, 26-port switching solution provides more control for network administrators, features new VIA Networking Advanced Packet Classifier technology for greater network security

Taipei, Taiwan, 12 October 2005 – VIA Networking Technologies, Inc, a leading developer of networking and communications solutions, today announced the VIA Networking Atlantic VT6528 Ethernet 26-port switch controller, an intelligent single-chip switch controller featuring advanced management and security technologies.

Building on the family of VIA Networking Atlantic switch solutions, the Atlantic VT6528 is designed for flexible implementation into small to medium sized commercial networks, featuring twenty-four 10/100Mbps Ethernet ports to connect network stations and two 10/100/1000Mbps ports supporting fiber optic and copper Gigabit lines for ultra fast connections to high-speed Internet and other servers.

The Atlantic VT6528 also introduces the unique VIA Networking Advanced Packet Classifier technology for implementing network security applications to help protect against illegal network access, virus and DOS attacks, a major concern for network operators. Driving the network data is a high-performance switching engine that performs forwarding and filtering at full wire speed, featuring advanced rate control, embedded packet buffer, MAC address tables that allow unicast or multicast address storage, and support for a wide range of IEEE 802.1 and 802.3 standards, including VLAN support.

“Protecting commercial networks while ensuring smooth service is becoming more and more difficult in our pervasively networked economy, so it is vital that administrators have increasingly sophisticated tools at their fingertips,” said Steven Lee, CEO of VIA Networking Technologies, Inc. “The Atlantic VT6528 is the ideal broadband access switch solution, combining management control and enhanced security with the network performance required for today’s small and medium sized businesses.”

About the VIA Networking Atlantic VT6528 Ethernet Switch Controller

The VIA Networking Atlantic VT6528 switch controller is a non-blocking store-and-forward shared memory Layer-2+ switched Ethernet controller fully compliant with the latest networking standards. SMII and SS-SMII interfaces connect with three Octal PHY devices, enabling connections to twenty-four 10/100MbpsBaseX ports, while two 802.3z and 802.3ab compliant Gigabit ports with GMII and TBI interfaces can connect Gigabit PHY devices or SERDES transceivers.

VIA Networking’s proprietary Advanced Packet Classifier (APC) technology enhances network security, implementing a 256-entry deep access control list (ACL) for packet filtering, providing administrators with control over not only who can access the network but also what a user can do with the access privilege . , with two linked MIB counters for detecting DOS attacks, as well as more effective virus attack protection, and Layer 2, 3 and 4 QOS support.

The extensive feature set also includes by-port egress/ingress bandwidth control, broadcast storm filtering, 16-bit PIO host interface with three DMA channels, HOL blocking prevention, 802.3ad aggregation and multiple line segments with flexible load balance, and advanced congestion control. For VLAN support, the VT6528 complies with 802.1Q for multiple spanning trees and 4k VLAN with a full PVID range, as well as asymmetric VLAN membership. The VT6528 also features jumbo packet support on a per port or VLAN basis, and enables easy IPv6 implementation into existing network infrastructure through effective IPv6 traffic forwarding, and alleviates concerns about ever-growing network size by supporting Multiple Spanning Trees, while Layer 3 assist support includes multicast routing protocols, IP multicasting and alternative packet prioritizations.

Designed for seamless integration by system builders, the VT6528 can be configured as an intelligent or smart switch with support for an 8/16bit CPU ARM-7 or 8051 processor interface. The chip is offered in a 208-pin LQFP package that features an exposed PAD to facilitate power spreading.

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About VIA Networking Atlantic Switch Controllers

The VIA Networking family of Atlantic Switch Controllers combine the benefits of network scalability, manageability, security and plug-and-play connectivity. Their highly integrated feature sets enable network system manufacturers to build next generation, intelligent switches for the fast-growing small to medium business market segments quickly and cost effectively. Atlantic Switch Controllers are fully compliant with all key networking standards and offer multiple port densities for maximum flexibility.

About VIA Networking Technologies, Inc.

Established in 2002, VIA Networking, Inc. is a leading developer of networking silicon technologies, with a broad product portfolio including networking controllers, switches and PHY- trans ceivers, delivering Fast and Gigabit Ethernet networking connectivity through standard and fibre optic technology for home and corporate applications, as well as wireless and 1394 solutions to meet growing market demand. With ten years’ experience of networking product development, VIA Networking is a wholly owned subsidiary of VIA Technologies, Inc. and is headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan.

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