VIA Announces VIA Vinyl™ VT1708 High Definition Audio Codec, Delivering Premium Performance Audio for the PC

Building on the acclaimed audio excellence of VIA’s Vinyl Audio solutions, the VIA VT1708 Codec is designed the deliver the Warmth of Sound™ for media-centric PCs

Taipei, Taiwan, 22 February 2006 – VIA Technologies, Inc, a leading innovator and developer of silicon chip technologies and PC platform solutions, today announced the VIA Vinyl VT1708 High Definition (HD) Audio Codec with premium quality and features for expanding PC audio requirements.

The HD Audio standard realizes the next step in fulfilling the needs of a new generation of PCs that are taking on increasingly complex communication and entertainment roles. To meet these growing requirements HD Audio technology enables support of the latest high definition audio content, and advanced features such as enhanced microphone support for clearer VOIP communication.

The VIA Vinyl VT1708 HD Audio Codec delivers to the market a solution with high fidelity audio playback featuring four premium quality stereo DACs enabling 8 channel support, and 2 stereo ADCs, all of which support the latest 24-bit, 192KHz audio standards. The VIA Vinyl VT1708 HD Audio Codec additionally supports features that further tweak the audio experience, such as a high quality headphone amplifier, enhanced recording features, and advanced connectivity.

“As users increasingly depend on their PC for multimedia applications, there is a strong requirement for every PC to ship with high quality audio support as a standard feature,” commented Philip Chen, Special Assistant to the President, Multimedia and Consumer Electronics Division, VIA Technologies, Inc. “The VIA Vinyl VT1708 HD Audio Codec builds upon VIA’s strength in developing high quality audio solutions, and was designed from the ground up to ensure a premium acoustic experience.”

About VIA Vinyl VT1708 HD Audio Codecs

VIA Vinyl HD Audio Codecs are compliant with the Intel® High Definition Audio Rev. 1.0 specification. Integrating stereo DACs featuring a 100dB S/N ratio, and two stereo ADCs the VIA Vinyl VT1708 HD Audio Codec enables support for the latest 24-bit, 192KHz audio content. To ensure a high quality audio experience the VIA Vinyl VT1708 integrates leading features such as a high quality headphone amplifier, enhanced recording support, and advanced power management features making them ideal for mobile devices.

The VIA VT1708 Audio Codec also optionally supports leading QSound technology that offers unmatched technologies to transforms the PC Audio experience with enhancements for games, music, and movies as well as advanced feature control that allows users to fully customize their audio experience.

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VIA VT1708 HD Audio Codec Pricing and Availability

VIA Vinyl VT1708 HD Audio Codec samples are available now. Pricing is available upon request.

About VIA Audio

VIA has developed a broad spectrum of silicon solutions for enhancing the PC audio experience, including the highly respected, studio performance VIA Vinyl Envy24 line of audio controllers used by some of the world’s leading audio card makers for a variety of high end professional applications. VIA also offers a range of High Definition and AC’97 audio codecs that enable theatre quality sound in both audio-on-motherboard and soundcard applications.

About VIA Technologies, Inc.

VIA Technologies, Inc. (TSE 2388) is the foremost fabless supplier of market-leading core logic chipsets, low power x86 processors, advanced connectivity, multimedia, networking and storage silicon, and complete platform solutions that are driving system innovation in the PC and embedded markets. Headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, VIA’s global network links the high tech centers of the US, Europe and Asia, and its customer base includes the world’s top OEMs, motherboard vendors and system integrators.

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