Hitachi Steps Up Security with New VIA-Powered FLORA Thin Clients

Compact desktop and mobile FLORA Se series extend secure, quiet computing functionality in or outside the office, with VIA processor platforms enabling power savings of up to 70% and long battery life

Taipei, Taiwan, Thursday 9th November 2006 – VIA Technologies, Inc, a leading innovator and developer of silicon chip technologies and PC platform solutions, today announced that Hitachi has selected the power efficient VIA processors to power their new FLORA Se series desktop and mobile connected clients.

Little bigger than a B5 sheet of paper, the FLORA Se330 BU1 desktop client featuring the VIA C7® processor is 70% smaller than the previous generation and uses 70% less power, enabling real dollar savings on its operation. Its fanless design affords a quieter user experience, while the VIA CN700 digital media IGP chipset delivers extended connectivity required for smooth connected client computing.

The ultra light FLORA Se210 RK1 mobile client based on the VIA Eden™ processor exploits the new wave of mobile secure computing, combining the familiar form factor of a notebook with the solid data protection of connected client computing, releasing the mobile executive from the fear of critical information loss through device theft. Weighing just 1kg, the FLORA Se210 RK1 provides up to 5 hours of operation with the standard battery, and nearly 8 hours with the long-life battery – comfortably achieving all-day business operation.

“By taking full advantage of VIA’s advanced processor power efficiency, we were able to achieve ground-breaking light weight and extended battery life for a notebook form factor,” said Koichi Nakai, General Manager of Client Operation, Enterprise Server Division, Hitachi Ltd. “At the same time, the excellent thermal and physical profile enabled us to shrink down the desktop client by 70% and offer ultra quiet operation in both systems, significant ergonomic benefits for enterprise users.”

“We believe that with these new FLORA clients, Hitachi has truly extended the concept of security in connected client computing solutions, and especially into the exciting young market of notebook form factor mobile clients,” said Epan Wu, Deputy Director of CPU Product Marketing, VIA Technologies, Inc. “By leveraging the leading performance per watt of our next generation processors, Hitachi is also able to offer real dollar savings in running costs, providing significant benefits to an enterprise’s bottom line.”

About the FLORA Se330 BU1 Desktop Client

The space-saving desktop “FLORA Se330 BU1” client is powered by the 1GHz VIA C7® processor, affording economical power consumption and fanless operation for a quieter user experience. The desktop client is as much as 70% smaller than the previous generation at 290x182mm and only 45mm wide.

About the FLORA Se210 RK1 Mobile Client

The FLORA Se210 RK1 mobile client leverages the ultra power efficiency of the 500MHz VIA Eden™ processor. The ultra power efficiency allows for weight and size savings in system design, especially important for portable devices, with the mobile client weighing in at just 1kg and 270x222mm and between 30.5-36mm high.

More information on these new FLORA secure connected clients on the Hitachi website (in Japanese):

Hitachi FlORA Connected Clients Pricing and Availability

The Hitachi FLORA connected clients are currently available in Japan; the FLORA Se330 BU1 desktop client pricing ranges from USD600-622 approximately while the FLORA Se210 RK1 mobile client is USD1,675-1,760. For more information on pricing and availability, please contact Hitachi directly at:

About the VIA Connected Client Initiative

The VIA Connected Client Initiative is designed to educate enterprise on connected client computing as a practical, cost effective solution to global I.T. management challenges. Thin clients and other connected client devices leverage the infrastructure and security benefits of the server-based “software as a service” architecture to execute streamed applications and central data storage. This innovative and cost effective approach to network computing enables enterprise to simplify its I.T. infrastructure, improve manageability and strengthen data security, as well as realize greater ROI. Building on its strength as premier silicon provider to this market, VIA is taking a leadership role in promoting both the architecture and how VIA Connected Client platform solutions can further enhance the benefits and savings. More information on this initiative may be found at the VIA website:

About VIA Technologies, Inc.

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