VIA Announces PadLock RSA Module for Microsoft Windows

Module accelerates public key encryption such as RSA in Microsoft Windows applications by 275% without program modification

Taipei, Taiwan, 7 February 2007 – VIA Technologies, Inc, a leading innovator and developer of silicon chip technologies and PC platform solutions, today announced the VIA PadLock RSA Module, which utilizes the strength and speed of the VIA PadLock Security Engine integrated into all VIA C7 family processors, to accelerate public key encryption such as RSA used in Microsoft Windows operating systems.

Designed to help in the fight against Internet fraud, the VIA PadLock RSA Module works by accelerating the process of public key authentication in Microsoft applications, thereby enabling users to utilize longer authentication keys, making it more difficult for computer criminals to break and so enhancing security in a wide range of Internet and network applications, such as online banking and e-commerce. The VIA PadLock RSA Module works in PCs running Windows Vista, Windows XP, or Windows 2000 Professional, as well as servers with Windows Server “Longhorn”, Windows Server 2003, or Windows 2000 Server.

Once installed, all Microsoft applications which use RSA as standard or the default CSP can utilize the VIA PadLock RSA Module to offload some of the public key encryption process to the VIA PadLock Security Engine, a hardware security engine integrated into VIA C7 processors, accelerating the process by as much as 275%.

“The VIA PadLock RSA Module is a welcome addition to the comprehensive suite of security software available that leverages the power and cryptographic strength of the VIA PadLock Security Engine,” commented Richard Brown, Vice President of Corporate Marketing, VIA Technologies, Inc. “By simplifying the process of strengthening security in everyday computing, VIA has reinforced its proactive approach to computer security.”

About the VIA PadLock RSA Module

The VIA PadLock RSA module is a software module that can be used by the Microsoft Cryptographic Application Programming Interface (CryptoAPI) to offload some of the complex security algorithms of Microsoft Windows based applications. RSA encryption requires heavy modular exponentiation, which can be executed more quickly and efficiently in hardware by the VIA PadLock Security Engine. The VIA PadLock RSA module can be enabled within an application by solution developers without any modification, and is fully compatible with Microsoft Windows XP, CE and the new Windows Vista.

About the VIA PadLock Security Engine

Integrated into the VIA C7 processor family is the VIA PadLock Security Engine, a comprehensive set of military-grade hardware security tools that can strengthen and accelerate the level of protection offered to users. VIA PadLock includes the world’s fastest x86 AES cipher engine, a secure hash engine, a Montgomery Multiplier to accelerate public key encryption, and dual Quantum based random number generators to give an unshakable foundation for security. The VIA PadLock Security Engine ensures speeds and efficiency many times what is possible with software only, and unlike software-only approaches to security, has negligible impact on processor performance.

About VIA Technologies, Inc.

VIA Technologies, Inc. (TSE 2388) is the foremost fabless supplier of market-leading core logic chipsets, low power x86 processors, advanced connectivity, multimedia, networking and storage silicon, and complete platform solutions that are driving system innovation in the PC and embedded markets. Headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, VIA’s global network links the high tech centers of the US, Europe and Asia, and its customer base includes the world’s top OEMs, motherboard vendors and system integrators.

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