VIA and Microsoft Promote Stay-at-Home Servers in Tokyo

VIA joins Microsoft for the launch of Windows Home Server Power Pack 2 for the Japanese home server market

Taipei, Taiwan, 23 April 2009 – VIA Technologies, Inc, a leading innovator of power efficient x86 processor platforms, today announced its participation at the Microsoft event in Akihabara, Tokyo on April 25 2009, for the release of Windows Home Server Power Pack 2 for the Japanese market and the promotion of home server platforms.

VIA’s commitment to the growing home server market was recently augmented by the launch of compact, power-efficient server products like the VIA ARTiGO A200O, a 2-bay storage server that is the ideal hardware platform for Windows Home Server. The same height and width as a CD, the VIA ARTiGO A2000 offers consumers a more rational and secure method of storing large media libraries of data in an unobtrusive, small foot print server.

Intelligent server systems in the home allow users to better manage their data, including movies, music, photos and documents. The rise of larger HD video and audio formats means that consumer created media are larger and more difficult to manage than in the past. Storage server products like the VIA ARTiGO A2000 that support the latest Windows Home Server will be essential in helping to organize, store, and host personal data both inside and outside the home.

Microsoft Windows Home Server is designed to offer home and home business users access to files, photos, videos and music from any PC or TV in the home, with remote access away from the home. The release of Windows Home Server Power Pack 2, adds improved remote access and enhanced functionality for Windows Media Center and Windows Media Center Extenders (e.g. Xbox 360) that allow you to stream WHS-stored content to TVs around the home.

“We congratulate VIA on the development of the VIA ARTiGO A2000. The compact, power-efficient characteristics of VIA ARTiGO A2000 make it an ideal device for Windows Home Server. We hope it will prove to be a strong driving force in developing a new category of home server,” said Koki Igarashi, CEO Business Server Platform Division, Microsoft Japan.

“VIA is determined to play an active role in the continued development of the home and home business server segment,” said Daniel Wu, Vice President, VIA Embedded, VIA Technologies, Inc. “Products like the VIA ARTiGO A2000 are a perfect match for Windows Home Server, bringing genuine, secure data hosting and flexible media functionality within the grasp of everyday home users.”

The VIA ARTiGO A2000 Storage Server

The small form factor server has arrived. Aided by the availability of hard drive capacities that extend beyond the terabyte barrier, the VIA ARTiGO A2000 offers substantial storage space, accommodating two full-sized, 3.5″ desktop hard drives, providing ample storage capacity for large data repositories and media libraries.

Measuring just 13.5cm wide x 12cm high x 26cm (5.3″x4.7”x10.2″), the VIA ARTiGO A2000 is powered by a 1.5GHz VIA C7-D processor and has two Serial ATA bays with integrated power ports mounted within the case and a type I Compact Flash socket located discreetly beneath the motherboard. Connectivity includes a Gigabit Ethernet port, and support for a wireless 802.11 b/g module

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