VIA Magic Box Announced

Turnkey digital signage solution featuring fully integrated VIA Magic View content management system software

Taipei, Taiwan, 13th September, 2012 – VIA Technologies, Inc, a leading innovator of power efficient computing platforms, today announced VIA Magic Box, a complete hardware and software solution for dynamic digital signage. VIA Magic Box integrates the user friendly VIA Magic View content management software optimized for a range of VIA x86 hardware platforms to provide a high performance, scalable digital signage solution ideal for a wide range of user scenarios.

Currently available with the choice of a VIA ARTiGO A1150 or fanless VIA ARTiGO A1200, VIA Magic Box provides full HD support and playback of the most popular video codecs through video decoding hardware acceleration including WMV9, VC1 and H.264, in ultra compact, low power designs. The VIA Magic View content management software has been optimized to provide a user friendly interface to manage digital signage content, layout and scheduling.

VIA Magic Box has been designed as a scalable solution to meet the needs of a wide range of customers and is available in two versions, VIA Magic Box Standalone version designed for stand alone displays and kiosks which does not require a network connection, and VIA Magic Box Server version for control of multiple clients and displays through secure networking.

“We have been focusing our efforts on providing the most comprehensive range of digital signage solutions, from x86 to ARM based offerings, to match our customers needs” commented Epan Wu, Head of the VIA Embedded Platform Division. “With the addition of VIA Magic Box, we provide a one stop, turnkey digital signage solution which leverages our expertise in customized software development, hardware system integration and low power, ultra compact designs.”

VIA Magic Box Standalone Version

The VIA Magic Box Standalone version is ideal for small businesses, restaurants and retail stores/shops which allows for simple content design, management and scheduling without the need for network connections. The VIA Magic Box Standalone version includes a VIA ARTiGO Mini-PC, Magic Box Standalone content management software (VIA Magic View controller) and VIA Magic Box Standalone client software (Windows Embedded Standard 7 pre-installed).

Key Features

  1. User-friendly interface
  2. Easy schedule management
  3. Supports system reboot and shut down
  4. Supports Sleeping mode/wake up function
  5. Client status/history review
  6. Monitors hardware function
  7. Media library management

VIA Magic Box Server Version

The VIA Magic Box server version is designed as a large scale digital signage solution for companies, factories and schools to securely manage and schedule content for multiple clients and displays within their network. The VIA Magic Box Server version includes VIA ARTiGO Mini-PC, VIA Magic Box Server content management software (VIA Magic View Controller), VIA Magic Box Server client software (Windows Embedded Standard 7 pre-installed), Media server software and control server software.

Key Features

  1. Online environment
  2. User-friendly interface
  3. Easy schedule management
  4. Supports system reboot and shut down
  5. Supports sleeping mode/wake up function
  6. Client status/history review
  7. Monitors hardware function
  8. Media library management
  9. Dedicated media server
  10. Dedicated control server
  11. Management through multiple controllers

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