Commercial-Grade Android Digital Signage

Commercial-Grade Android Digital Signage

A myriad of Android media players are available on the market, many at extremely aggressive prices, but before you take the leap and choose one for a commercial signage installation, you not only need to verify the quality and performance of the device but also investigate the long-term support that the vendor can provide you.

This is particularly important when it comes to software development support. Does the vendor provide easy-to-use software development tools such as a BSP and does it plan to continue enhancements to them in the future? Is it easy to get hold of the vendor’s software support staff and are they easy to communicate with?

In the same vein, you should find out how the vendor will support you if something goes wrong with the hardware. Can you (or more importantly your customer) afford to wait for a couple of months while the device is sent back to Shenzhen for inspection and repair?

As we announced yesterday, we can take care of all these potential headaches with our VIA ALTA DS Series systems. Not only do they deliver the proven performance and reliability required for large-scale 24/7 deployments, but they are also backed up by a full range of software development tools and customization and technical support services provided by our headquarters in Taiwan and our US office in Fremont, California.

Now that’s what we call commercial-grade Android signage!

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