New VIA ALTA Portal Digital Signage System for Small Business Owners

New VIA ALTA Portal Digital Signage System for Small Business Owners

Digital signage is fast becoming an essential element not just for connecting with consumers in new ways, but also creating unique customer experiences across a broad spectrum of retail, hospitality, entertainment, transportation, corporate, and entertainment environments. However, due to prohibitive associated costs and complexity, digital signage has been out of reach for many small business owners.

Until, today! Through our partnership with Capital Networks™, we are very excited to announce the launch of the VIA ALTA Portal Digital Signage System, which is a bundled system that will enable small business owners to now engage customers through rich multimedia content such as product information, menu items, and special promotions in a very cost-effective way.

alta_portal_manageThe VIA ALTA Portal Digital Signage System packages the VIA ALTA DS Android Signage system with Capital Networks Audience™ for Android software and a one-year subscription to Capital Networks™ cloud-based Audience Portal to provide an extremely reliable and user-friendly solution for small business owners looking to break into digital signage.

The complete bundle makes setting-up and managing your own signage system a snap, requiring just a power outlet, Internet connection, and external display with resolutions of up to 1080p. With support for a wide variety of content, convenient layout templates, and access to the cloud portal makes scheduling and updating a snap from anywhere at any time.

The use of digital signage can help businesses in many ways, from engaging consumers at the point of sale, enhancing brand recognition, scheduling promotions during peak periods, to increasing cross-selling and up-selling opportunities. The VIA ALTA Portal Digital Signage System gives small business owners access to the means to create dynamic in-store experiences that will reshape their environments.

Download our VIA ALTA Portal Digital Signage System Flyer here.

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