Our new software update notifications for ARM

Our new software update notifications for ARM

To keep you up-to-date with the latest software for your VIA hardware, you can sign up for new Board Support Package (BSP) and Evaluation Kit (EVK) email notifications on the relevant ARM product pages!

It is a fact of life in electronics and computing business, that people don’t buy a piece of hardware just for their functionality at the time of purchase anymore. Instead, the decision is in big part based on the future potential of the device. Thus software updates are not optional to any market participant, but a must – and an increasingly pressing point.

Here at VIA the software teams are just as large, and just as important as our hardware development teams. Software is changing fast, and it’s a continuous effort to develop new features as well as keep up to date with the platforms, let it be the Linux kernel, Android, the boot loader, or any other part of the system. This is especially crucial for ARM products, which has more customized software usually, and users have to rely more heavily on the vendors for updates.

Whenever we have a new software release available, we’ll be posting it in our Announcements feed. However, as we don’t expect you to check all of our notices for your VIA boards and systems, we’ll also be sending out notices to this software update email list. You can sign up to the list on any of the ARM product pages (under the Downloads tab on each page), and select the products you are using:

BSP Notification

We hope this will be a good step towards better communication, and helping you get the most out of your VIA devices!

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