Android BSP v3.1.0 for VAB-820 & AMOS-820

Android BSP v3.1.0 for VAB-820 & AMOS-820

We are very happy to announce the latest release of the Android Board Support Package (BSP) and Evaluation Kit (EVK) for our VAB-820 board and AMOS-820 system. It is a maintenance release, fixing issues uncovered since the last update, and adding support for a hardware variant. The BSP is continues to be based upon the Freescale Android KitKat 4.4.2 image.

Changes in this release

  • Fix saving volume setting if higher than 10
  • Fix issue with WiFi hotspot settings
  • Add VAB-820-X (iMX6 DualLite) support

Existing features

To recap, here are the major features of these packs that were introduced earlier:

  • Kernel version 3.0.35
  • Support SPI with eMMC as default boot device
  • Support HDMI or LVDS single display
  • Support Dual Display (Clone Mode)
  • Support AUO 22″ LVDS (1680×1050) / AUO 10.4″ G104XVN01.0 (1024×768) / AUO 7″ G070VW01V0 (800×480) Panel with touch (USB resistance interface)
  • Support Mini PCI-E (Verified with EMIO-1541 wifi module)
  • Support EMIO-1541 (mini-PCIe wifi) / EMIO-1533 (usb wifi)
  • Support ADV-7180 Capture (S-video/CVBS)
  • Support COM1 DTE mode, COM2 is as debug port in default
  • Support GigaLan KSZ9031
  • Support Watch Dog/GPIO
  • Support FlexCAN x2 (VAB-820-A)
  • Support EMIO-2550 (ZU200 3G/GPS)
  • Support HDMI audio output
  • Analog sgtl5000 audio Line-in/Line-out/Mic-in
  • Support SmartETK v0.0.11 (UART, GPIO and WatchDog)


You can download the updates from the VAB-820 and AMOS-820 product pages, from the “Downloads” tab. You can also find there the latest BSP Development Guide and Evaluation Guide in PDF format for these releases!

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We’d love to hear if you have any feedback or comment!

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