Embedded Android Real-Time Streaming Optimization

Embedded Android Real-Time Streaming Optimization

With the rapid advancements in ARM SoC media processing capabilities, low-power ARM devices are quickly becoming powerful enough to handle the demands of real-time streaming and video-monitoring applications. However, as Android has been designed for single stream playback of local content, some optimization is required in order to leverage its rich multimedia capabilities for these types of applications.

Based on our experiences in developing the VIA HD Video Monitoring System, we will be sharing some key framework enhancements required to make Android suitable for real-time streaming applications during our Embedded Android Forum 2015.

Android Multimedia Framework Optimization

The discussion will begin with an overview of the Android multimedia framework and then move on to tackle critical areas such as enabling full support for RTSP and HTTP protocols, optimizing the Android multimedia framework to match streaming server parameters, as well as shortening processing time (from start to initial playback) to ensure smooth playback. Finally, the discussion will wrap up with a look at how to solve problems of clock drift (out of sync audio and video) and improving fault tolerance to avoid crashes and freezes due to corrupt data.

For more information on Android multimedia framework optimization for real-time streaming applications, as well as how to break through other key bottlenecks, please sign-up for the VIA Embedded Android Forum 2015 being held May 27th at the ShanghaiTech University (Yueyang Road Campus).

*Please note the forum will be held in Chinese only.

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