Breaking Through: Gaining Access to Legacy I/O Devices with Android

Breaking Through: Gaining Access to Legacy I/O Devices with Android

Android, with its intuitive interface and great multimedia capabilities offers a number of advantages for embedded installations, especially HMI applications. However, as Android has been developed as a mobile OS, native support for peripheral devices is limited mainly to USB, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. This raises the next major bottleneck to overcome in making Android suitable for embedded applications: Gaining access to legacy I/O such as GPIO, I2C, COM and SPI.Android_Framework

With our vast experience and proven expertise with Android for embedded applications we will be presenting on how to overcome this bottleneck during our Embedded Android Forum 2015, delving in to how to enable support for legacy I/O devices and speed up the development of innovative new Android embedded systems.

Gaining access to Android device drivers

During the event, one of the sessions will be devoted to discussing the Android framework, starting with the basics of the HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer) and how it interacts with JNI (Java Native Interface) to enable access to Android device drivers.

More efficient methods

After covering the basics of Android development procedures, the discussion will then turn to look at more efficient methods to handle this issue. We will present our VIA Smart ETK which provides a unified interface to enable I/O support across different hardware platforms, thus allowing developers to focus on their high level applications.

By building up a deep understanding of actual customer needs and leveraging our extensive Android experience, expertise and the flexibility of the VIA Smart ETK, we are able not only to reduce system development time and costs but also provide elegant solutions which meet customer requirements.

For more information on Breaking Through: Gaining access to legacy I/O devices, as well as how to break through other key bottlenecks, please sign-up VIA Embedded Android Forum 2015 being held May 27th at the ShanghaiTech University (Yueyang Road Campus).

*Please note the forum will be held in Chinese only.

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