Remote Management of Embedded Android Devices

Remote Management of Embedded Android Devices

At the core of our evolving Smart cities and spaces are a rapidly growing number of embedded devices which are reshaping our experiences with new services and improved efficiency. However, with this proliferation comes an increasing number of system users, installations and software upgrades, making the task to remotely monitor and manage one of critical importance.

Android, which has been specifically designed for the mobile world has many potential benefits to help ease the remote management of embedded devices, through services such as Over-the-Air (OTA) system installations and updates. However, the Android OTA service has been designed for the consumer devices with on screen prompts and notifications which are less than ideal for many embedded scenarios.

During our VIA Embedded Android Forum 2015 we will discuss how to remove this bottleneck through the creation of a silent OTA service, which allows a device to automatically accept installations/updates and send reports of success or failure back to the central server, making it better suited for embedded applications.

Deployment of Applications and BSPs

Timely installations/updates of applications and BSPs to embedded devices are a crucial part of remote deployment. An OTA update service provides an efficient method to quickly install new features and implement bug fixes through software updates across all systems within a network, helping to save time and costs. During this session we will first discuss the standard Android application deployment process focusing on OTA update technology and then shift to focus on how to customize the Android deployment process to meet the requirements for embedded application deployment.

VIA’s Remote Management Solution

Cloud Services OverviewTo ensure 24/7 operation of tasks, with no downtime, we have combined the characteristics of Android to develop our VIA DMS (Device Management System) to help customers solve maintenance problems encountered during deployment and operation. The VIA DMS can help customers quickly deploy system applications and has powerful remote management (power on/off and system reboot) and monitoring capabilities (status and notification system), which can effectively improve system maintenance efficiency and reduce total cost of ownership (TCO).

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*Please note the forum will be held in Chinese only.

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