Pop Up Photo Booth @ TweakTown Computex 2015 Party

With less than a week to go until the TweakTown Computex 2015 party we have been busy getting everything set for the night’s event.

One of the key demos we will be providing to spice up the evening is an interactive 55″ pop-up photo booth which will stream photos to our 3×3 video wall for all to enjoy. Today we had the opportunity to put it through it’s paces inside of our video wall lab. Here’s a sneak peak at what the party-goers will get to experience next Tuesday evening at the Brass Monkey.

Step 1: Select your frame

Step 2: Smile!

Step 3: Confirm you’re looking good

Step 4: Add a message

Step 5: Scan the QR code for a copy

Step 6: Check yourself out on the video wall!



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