Livestreaming the VIA Embedded Android Forum

Livestreaming the VIA Embedded Android Forum

When you are investing a huge amount of time and resources into holding a corporate event how can you maximize the audience for it?

This was a key question we asked ourselves before the VIA Embedded Android Forum last week, and as an experiment we decided to livestream the event in on in Taiwan and its partner site in China.


KKTV provided a small team to set up the connection at ShanghaiTech and film the proceedings. They also provided us with regular updates on viewer numbers throughout the day, which at peak times reached over 6,000 – around seventy-five times the number of people that attended the forum in person!

Livestreaming was surprisingly cost-effective too, helping us to maximize the return on the investments we had already made in arranging the forum by enabling us to reach an exponentially larger audience than would have been possible using traditional methods. It has also provided us with a rich source of video content that we can now post on our website and social media channels to further expand our audience in the future.

In today’s frenetic business environment, people don’t always have time to go half way across a city to attend an event, and would much prefer the convenience of watching it from their PC, tablet, or cell phone. As our experiment has shown, livestreaming provides the ideal solution. The next time you are planning an event, you should definitely consider adding it into the mix.

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