VIA Embedded Android Forum 2015 Presentations

VIA Embedded Android Forum 2015 Presentations

Our Embedded Android Forum held on May 27th at ShanghaiTech University proved to be a resounding success with the full house of attendees – not to mention with the over 6,000 viewers following the proceedings online through the live streaming channels we set up to broadcast the event in China and Taiwan.

For those who were not able to attend the event and have been searching for answers on how to break through with Android for Embedded, we are pleased to share with you the presentations given during the event on the five major bottlenecks developers face for Embedded Android applications.

Embedded Android Market Development

This presentation given by Jason Chen, VIA Embedded Technical Marketing Manager, provides our overall strategy and framework for enabling the rapid development of embedded Android devices for applications as diverse as industrial automation, HMI, entertainment, signage, and multi-screen video monitoring.pdf-button

Skinning Android for Embedded Applications

This presentation given by Jack Liu, VIA Embedded Senior Software Manager, looks at some of the most commonly requested modifications we receive in order to make Android achieve the required behavior, look and feel for an embedded scenario, including changing the start-up screen image with a custom logo or animation, how to directly boot into an application, and removal of system bars to achieve full screen display mode behavior.pdf-button

Selection and Integration of Embedded Display Devices

This presentation given by Jerry Wang, VIA Embedded Project Manager, provides a rundown of the most popular display devices used for embedded applications, then moves on to explain the fundamentals behind the display integration process including preparing the frame data, programming the GPU to communicate with a variety display interfaces, and finally optimizing the output display through debugging.pdf-button

Breaking Through: Gaining Access to Legacy I/O Devices with Android

This presentation given by Lunar Zhang, VIA Embedded Senior Engineer, focuses on the Android framework, starting with the basics of the HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer) and how it interacts with JNI (Java Native Interface), to enable access to Android device drivers. Finally the presentation will introduce our VIA Smart ETK for Android, which provides a unified interface to enable I/O support across different hardware platforms,  allowing developers to focus on their high level applications.pdf-button

Remote Management of Embedded Android Devices

This presentation given by Tonny Shen, VIA Embedded Project Manager, provides an introduction to the standard Android application deployment process focusing on OTA update technology and then shifts to focus on how to make key modifications to meet the requirements for embedded deployments. The presentation ends with a look at the VIA DMS (Device Management System) and how it can effectively improve system maintenance efficiency and reduce total cost of ownership.pdf-button

Embedded Android Real-Time Streaming Optimization

This presentation given by Zhaolin Wang, VIA Embedded Software Manager, provides an overview of the Android multimedia framework and then moves on to tackle critical areas such as enabling full support for RTSP and HTTP protocols, and optimizing the Android multimedia framework to match streaming server parameters, as well as shortening processing time (from start to initial playback) to ensure smooth playback, how to solve problems of clock drift (out of sync audio and video), and improving fault tolerance to avoid crashes and freezes due to corrupt data.pdf-button

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