New Ruggedized AMOS-3005 Available Today!

New Ruggedized AMOS-3005 Available Today!

We are excited to introduce the VIA AMOS-3005, the latest addition to our industry-leading AMOS Industrial Fanless PC Series. Supporting wide operating temperature ranges from 0°C to 60°C as well as a flexible input voltage range of 9V-36V, the VIA AMOS 3005 provides the total package of high performance, low power, and rich I/O connectivity required for the most demanding industrial computing usage scenarios.

Industrial Automation – Remote Terminal – Data Collection

With its wide range of I/O functionality, the AMOS-3005 provides an ideal solution for industrial automation applications. Dual Gigabit Ethernet connection provides a reliable data bridge between a control network and sensor network ideal for M2M communication, while flexible serial connections can interface with RS-232 / RS-422 / RS-485 devices. Digital I/O is also available as a general purpose control mechanism.

In-Vehicle Computing

amos-3005_performance_onlyWith its 3G networking support (provided separately through an optional expansion card) and its rich connectivity, the AMOS-3005 can serve as a powerful data collection and control center on the go within vehicles. Featuring support for GPS, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, GPIO, USB, COM, and HDMI makes connecting devices very easy. This flexibility combined with a ruggedized fanless design and automotive compatible power options make the AMOS-3005 your one-stop solution for in-vehicle applications.

The AMOS-3005 is now available from the VIA Embedded Store!

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