Hacienda Healthcare – Technology Implementation Program

We are pleased to bring you this inspiring story from the Phoenix, Arizona Hacienda HealthCare’s Technology Implementation Program, a vocational technical training program for young adults living with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder).

Headed up by Tom Burick, who some of you may remember from the early Mini-ITX days, uses his PC-BOTs to teach tech-keen trainees how to build, maintain, upgrade, and troubleshoot PC hardware, building the fundamental skillset to fulfill their dreams of finding a job in the tech industry. When Tom came looking for support to bolster a new PC course in the lab that teaches the basics of building PC’s we were only too happy to oblige by donating 6 VIA Mini-ITX boards to his cause.

“Autism is largely misunderstood by the general population. Some people equate autism with cognitive delay, behavioral issues, and other challenges. In many (or maybe even most) instances this is not the case. The young adults in our program are intelligent, highly motivated, and passionate about technology. Through our program, we have a unique opportunity to demonstrate the strengths of autism and re-educate people. One of the “true-isms” about autism is a very natural inclination for technology. I see that reinforced in my program on a daily basis.” – Tom Burick

You can check out the trainees hard at work in this video.

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