Fanless Enterprise IoT Smart Automation Controller

VIA ARTiGO A600 smart automation system

Smart automation control systems will play a pivotal role in boosting manufacturing productivity and enabling the development of innovative new product customization and personalization services. To address this growing demand we have announced the VIA ARTiGO A600, an ultra-compact fanless smart automation control system specifically designed for industrial IoT and M2M applications that require reliable low-power computing and extensive I/O support.

24/7 operation is critical for Industrial IoT applications. With full isolation support, the ARTiGO A600 provides dependable connections to manage the control of a wide range of automated equipment and machinery.


In order to speed development, deployment and ease system management for the next generation of intelligent distributed manufacturing systems, the ARTIGO A600 includes an optimized Linux BSP (Board Support Package) supporting all key onboard hardware features. Customers can also leverage our deep expertise and full range of software customization services to quickly create a custom crafted solution to match their specific application requirements.

VIA Technologies, Inc.