Special Report: The State of ARM & Android in Digital Signage

Special Report: The State of ARM & Android in Digital Signage

For the past few years the promise of Android and ARM-based solutions has been touted as the next big thing in digital signage. However, as the overwhelming flood of TV boxes and HDMI sticks hit the market, development teams were left looking for units with standardized components and engineering that could stand up to being plugged in and left for weeks and months, leaving many with a rather sour taste for Android.

The hardware market has changed substantially since the early days of ARM/Android signage with more mature commercial-grade systems, such as our own ALTA DS Series of Android signage players, delivering on this promise by providing the reliability, longevity and most importantly the required software support to ensure smooth 24/7 operations.

To help shed light on the current State of ARM & Android in Digital Signage we have sponsored a special report from Dave Haynes of the popular signage blog-spot Sixteen:Nine. The report looks at what Android does well, where it could be improved, and the identity problem Android has and needs to get past.

Here is a taste of what Dave has to say:

“The broad marketplace perception may be that Android/ARM solutions only make sense when the budget’s not there for PC devices running Windows or Linux. But talk to the CTOs and engineers that have put the hours and dollars into Android solutions describe a mature, stable platform that requires few compromises and offers all-important device management capabilities that compare favorably to what can be done using PC-based devices,”

Download your copy of the report here.

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