VIA AMOS-3005 is now connected by Verizon

VIA AMOS-3005 is now connected by Verizon

We are happy to announce that the Image Point 4×4 Industrial Cellular computer based on the VIA AMOS-3005 is now 4G LTE certified for use on the Verizon network.

Combining an embedded AWS module for high-speed wireless connectivity with rock-solid reliability in a robust ultra-compact form factor, we developed the system together with Solar Rigs Technologies to provide the backbone for a growing range of IoT, video, telematics and SCADA application end-point solutions in remote locations. With its -40°C to 60°C wide operating temperature range and flexible 9V-36V input voltage, the system can operate in the most demanding indoor and outdoor environments such as protective enclosures used for industrial, law enforcement, and commercial uses’.

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