Customization and Co-Creation

Customization and Co-Creation

The launch of the Smart IoT Mobility System together with Japan Taxi earlier this month in Tokyo was a proud moment for VIA because it gave us an opportunity to showcase the painstaking behind-the-scenes work that our engineers do to customize our systems in order to make sure that they meet the exact needs of their target scenarios.

In-vehicle system applications are particularly complex because of the need to meet stringent operating requirements for voltage, temperature range, shock and vibration, wireless connectivity, and display integration. Add in the development of new features such as ignition-controlled quick boot and GPS location tuning for better navigation as well, and you have quite a list of customizations that our engineering team needed to make ensure that the system was finally fit for the road!

Smart IoT Mobility System slide

Achieving this objective required close collaboration with Japan Taxi at each step of a process of a co-creation in which our two companies shared our respective domain knowledge to optimize the system to meet current needs and provide headroom for future innovations.

System Hardware Customization slide

As in-vehicle technology becomes ever more complex, synergistic co-creation models like this one that leverage the technical, operational, and market expertise of each partner will become an increasingly critical element in ensuring the successful design, development, and deployment of next-generation smart systems.

You can learn more about the hardware engineering and software customization services we offer in order to accelerate customize system deployment, and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

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