An IoT Lesson for the Smart Education Market

Smart Education

The rapid growth of the Internet of Things is driving demand for innovative smart education devices such as document cameras, presentation aids, interactive whiteboards, and smart desks that enable more engaging classroom experiences for teachers and students alike.

The rise of this market provides both opportunities and challenges to companies looking to enter or expand their presence in it. Product development cycles, in particular, can not only be long but also costly in terms of hardware and software engineering resources.

Our goal with the recent launch of the VIA Document Telestrator and VIA Wireless Display system is to enable our smart education customers to accelerate their time to market for such devices while minimizing development costs. Combining the base hardware and software into a highly-integrated system platform that has been fully tested and verified, the two devices offer a host of customization options, including chassis design, I/O peripheral integration, and middleware and application development, to meet specific application requirements and ensure true differentiation in the market place.

VIA Document Telestrator

The VIA Document Telestrator makes it easy to capture text and images from documents, books, magazines, and newspapers, and highlight them on a projector or monitor when presenting in the classroom. This compact system integrates a rich set of connectivity features, including USB, Ethernet, HDMI, VGA, microphone and audio ports, as well as a high-resolution 8MP one-touch auto-focus camera for capturing images and video. It also comes with an integrated telestration app that allows the teacher to add notations and highlight key sections of text or images.

VIA Document Telestrator - Smart Education

VIA Wireless Display System

The VIA Wireless Display system provides a secure and convenient solution for the wireless sharing of content from almost any device to a projector, monitor, or video wall. It supports Wi-Fi and Miracast operating modes, as well as the AirPlay and DLNA protocols, and comes with a remote control for easy set up and operation.

VIA Wireless Display Solution - Smart Education

The VIA Document Telestrator and the VIA Wireless Display system are part of our growing range of VIA IoT Studio solutions, which leverage our years of experience in embedded technology to provide our customers with a smooth entry in the IoT market and the flexibility to build products of their own without having to reinvent the entire wheel.

To learn more about our full range of VIA IoT Studio solutions, please click here.

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