VIA IoT Studio: The Rapid Productization Path for IoT Connected Devices

VIA IoT Studio: The Rapid Productization Path for IoT Connected Devices

The IoT connected device market is very different than its PCs and smart phone counterparts. Rather than high-volume standardized products, it consists of customized systems for a myriad of specific applications such as IoT gateways, industrial automation, and digital signage.

Meeting this demand represents a number of daunting challenges for companies planning to either manufacture or deploy IoT connected devices, including generating adequate returns on the cost of developing small-volume products and hitting the right time to market.

With the recent launch of VIA IoT Studio, our aim is to leverage our experience and expertise in embedded system design to provide customers with a rapid and affordable productization path for application-specific devices targeted at emerging segments of the IoT market.  Instead of having to develop a completely new system from the ground up, customers can adopt these solutions and have them customized to meet their own particular requirements.

VIA IoT Studio solutions accelerate time to market by combining the base hardware and software into a highly-integrated system platform that has been fully tested and verified. Multiple customization options are available including the chassis design, I/O peripheral integration, and middleware and application development, and fast turnaround times are guaranteed due to our strong relationships with our manufacturing ecosystem partners.

The VIA Alegro 100 embodies our vision for VIA IoT Studio. With its flexible support for all of the most popular wireless and connected standards, including Bluetooth, ZigBee, Z-Wave, KNX-TP, KNX-RF, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet, this multiprotocol home gateway router can be configured for multiple environments and applications. A choice of Linux and Android BSPs supported by advanced tools and services facilitates system software development, and a variety of hardware customization options are also available.

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