Smart Vending Machines: O2O Automated Convenience Stores

Smart Vending Machines: O2O Automated Convenience Stores

Vending machines go deep into the streets to provide around the clock convenient shopping and services. With the development of smart city infrastructure and mobile Internet, O2O business models are flourishing; making the now connected vending machines with interactive touch screens an ideal means of buying goods and services anytime, anywhere.

Smart vending machines now offer not only traditional goods, such as hot and cold drinks, food, and other daily necessities, but also provide new life services such as adding value to metro cards, buying tickets, and paying bills. When compared to traditional brick and mortar stores, smart vending machines provide cost savings in the form of reduced rent and management fees while offering 24/7 services, making them an attractive option for restaurants, convenience stores, and other on-line and off-line brands to create their own customized automated shops in almost any location.

Smart vending machines need to provide 24/7 uninterrupted services which demands high stability for the central computer system. VIA provides a variety of high-performance enterprise –grade boards, starter kits, and systems, featuring wide operating temperature and voltage ranges to enable operation in extreme environments. Loaded with rich I/O sets enables the connection and control of key peripheral devices and sensors to provide real-time data collection and analysis, as well as automated management to guarantee smooth operation.

Building a successful vending machine chain requires goods to always be in-stock and machines functioning properly at all times. VIA solutions are equipped with advanced network communication capabilities, enabling operators to remotely monitor sales and operation conditions to fine-tune logistics and improve supply chain management efficiency. Furthermore, the collected data can provide insights into product demand and customer demographics, helping to boost sales volume and increase customer satisfaction.

To meet constantly rising consumer expectations, smart vending machines equipped with interactive touchscreens can help transform the shopping experience into a fun and engaging one. Adding immersive content, such as interactive games and promotions, can increase customer loyalty and help build brand awareness. VIA provides a wide range of hardware and software customization services for our solutions, such as integrating verified touch screens and signage displays or developing facial recognition services, to enable the creation of new services and business models.


The VIA ARTiGO A830 provides the ideal platform for a host of Streetwise IoT applications, including smart vending machines. In addition to the requirements detailed above, it also possesses robust design characteristics including anti-static lightning and surge protection, HDMI and LVDS dual screen support, and 5W amplifiers to provide maximum performance, reliability and durability in the most demanding indoor and outdoor environments.

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