How 360-Degree Video is Ripping Up the Entertainment Rulebook

How 360-Degree Video is Ripping Up the Entertainment Rulebook

The advent of 360-degree video has already had a massive impact and even simple videos have notched up millions of views on YouTube. But in the right hands, the format becomes a powerful tool, able to transport the viewer to faraway places, place them in the middle of new experiences, and enable them to observe and interact with the world in a more immediate and fun way.

All you need is a good 360 camera.

360-Degree Video – Music

Many bands have embraced 360 video as a way of sharing their performances and promoting new tracks. British rock band Muse has been experimenting with the medium for years, initially providing VR-friendly video of their concerts, and more recently producing a big-budget, 360-degree video to accompany the track Revolt.

Many other acts – including Foals, One Republic, Björk and Avicii – have all created 360 videos that have proved hugely popular.

One Republic



If you can’t make it your favourite band’s concert in person, a 360 video is the next best thing. Concert and festival-goers have started filming events with 360 cameras and uploading them. But bands are also putting out their own films – interactive videos that not only take you to the concert, but even place you right on stage.

Metallica recently released a live version of Seek & Destroy, which places the camera right on Lars Ulrich’s drumkit, providing great views of both the band and the audience. Other videos – by the likes of Tritional and Jean-Michel Jarre – switch between different viewpoints throughout, providing an even more dynamic representation of the experience.



Jean-Michel Jarre

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