How Vehicle Tracking Can Boost Your Business

Vehicle Tracking - GPS

Monitoring your vehicles isn’t just good for security, the data it provides can revolutionize the way you run your fleet

When people talk about GPS tracking, the main benefit that springs to mind is additional security – the ability to easily locate (and possibly recover) a stolen vehicle. But vehicle tracking technology can do so much more than that, helping to more efficiently manage your fleet, improve fuel efficiency and give your customers a better quality service.

Better Record Keeping

Auditing your fleet can be a laborious and imprecise job, especially if you record data manually using timesheets and mileage counts. With vehicle tracking, you can automate a lot of this information collection and the data you capture will be more accurate, too.

With a better idea of hours worked and miles covered, you can keep your drivers happier and compensate them accordingly. Plus, the data lets you plan better, helping you work out when you need to expand your fleet because you’ve reached capacity.

Better Route Planning

With a tracking system installed, you can plan driver routes based on current road conditions, ensuring only the most efficient and fastest options are taken. And, as drivers know that they’re being tracked, they will stick to pre-assigned routes and won’t take longer journeys.

As you collect data, route planning can only improve. For example, if the data shows traffic choke points at certain points of the day, in certain places, you can reroute vehicles and plan around the problem areas in the future.

Enhanced Dispatch

When you know precisely where your vehicles are, and what they’re up to, dispatching becomes easier and faster. When a new job comes in, you can immediately see which vehicle is best-positioned to take it, based on the current route, its current position and live traffic conditions. Faster responses to dispatch requests will enhance your business reputation and could boost customer loyalty.

Security & Vehicle Tracking

If you have a high-value load, tracking the journey becomes even more important. Through modern tracking technology, any expected stops or long delays can be monitored and, if necessary, reported to law enforcement.

Lower Costs

From the tracking data you generate, you can run reports to find out how often your fleet spent idling, how often vehicles were exceeding the speed limit, plus various other inefficient driving practices. With this information to hand, you can see how much money your company might be wasting per vehicle, and then retrain drivers to save fuel. Real-time communication lets you update drivers while they’re on the road, allowing you to correct inefficient driving as it occurs.

Increased Safety

When drivers know they’re being monitored, they naturally become more self-conscious and cautious. This means they usually take fewer risks, drive within the set speed limits, and are far more careful. The knock-on effect is that they’re less likely to have an accident, which is good news for you and for other road users.

Better Vehicle Maintenance and Recovery

Fleet maintenance can only be improved with a tracking system, allowing you to run reports that tell you how many miles a vehicle has traveled, its average speed, and how long it spent idling. This enables you to build a unique maintenance program for each vehicle in your fleet, avoiding costly problems in the future.

In addition, should a vehicle break down in the field, you at know exactly where it is, allowing you to more efficiently dispatch a recovery vehicle.

Lower Insurance Premiums

Most insurers will give you a lower insurance premium if you have a vehicle tracking system installed. If you also add a 360-degree video surveillance system like the VIA Mobile360 suite to your vehicles, you can benefit in two ways. First, you may get a further insurance discount (dependent on your insurer); secondly, in the event of a collision, you can prove when your drivers were not at fault, saving on expensive claims and increased premiums.

vehicle tracking - VIA E-Track

With the VIA Mobile360 E-Track, part of the VIA Mobile360 suite, companies can employ real-time route tracking and monitoring with event notifications. Find out more about VIA Mobile360 solutions here.

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