VPai App Version 2.0: New Ways to Capture – New Ways to Share

VPai App - Version 2.0

We are excited to announce the release of version 2.0 of the VPai app for Android. This release represents a major update, bringing a raft of new functions and features to your 360° experience.

Hey Man Nice Shot – Filters!

Twelve new color filters are now available to enhance your 360° moments. You can directly preview or edit captured images within the app, changing to black and white, applying a range of beauty enhancements for close-ups of people, or trying out the Skelton filter which completely transforms the image into a cartoon-like world.

The best part is these filters can be applied over and over to media you have previously captured and stored in your Gallery.

Screen Capture

A common question we have been asked is how to easily share asteroid and crystal ball views of your 360° images. Well, we are pleased to say you can now take screenshots directly in the app to share across any social platform from Pinterest and Instagram to Google+ and Twitter.

VPai App Update - Filters


VPai App Update - Space


Space – The Next Frontier

One of the most exciting new features is “Space” – our dedicated VPai sharing platform which allows you to upload your photos and videos to our cloud to be enjoyed by others in the VPai community. Check out the latest uploads, the most popular images, ask for tips from other VPai users, or fully immerse yourself in their VR worlds!

This will undoubtedly prove as a great source of inspiration for your next 360° photoshoot!

Time-Lapse Photography

Finally, the new time-lapse feature allows you to explore a whole new dimension of 360° capture by creating time-lapse videos. Witness stunning visual transformations unfold before your eyes.

Live Streaming Comes to China!

The Live Streaming integration of YouTube and Facebook has been a popular feature for many VPai users around the World. We are excited to announce the inclusion of the popular social media platform, Weibo, for our China users to begin Live-Streaming their 360° stories as well.

VPai App Update - Time-Lapse


VPai App Update - Live Streaming

Live Streaming

We hope these new features help unleash new creative applications for your 360° photography, and look forward to more user feedback to help us continue improving our VPai app experience.

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