Vtric Active Optical Cables Available on Mouser Electronics

usb 3.0 active optical cable

We are glad to announce that Vtric Active Optical Cables are now available to order from Mouser Electronics. This means shipping has become more accessible and affordable for our international customers.

Vtric Active Optical Cables feature VIA SprintStream™ technology, which boosts cable performance, enabling data to travel at faster speeds over longer distances. Added advantages of SprintStream™ include low attenuation and reduced electromagnetic interference. Other key features are a robust protective fiber coating, gold-plated connectors, and a lightweight slim design.

The cables are optimized for a series of applications from home theater to computer vision. We have split these applications into five environments: Home, Studio Factory, Retail and Medical. More information on these applications can be found on our Vtric Active Optical Cables page.

The Vtric Active Optical Cables range includes:

hdmi active optical cable 2.0
HDMI 2.0 10m Vtric Active Optical Cable
HDMI 1.4 active optical cable
HDMI 1.4 10m Vtric Active Optical Cable
USB 3.0 active optical cable
USB 3.0 10m Vtric Active Optical Cable

Besides Mouser Electronics, Vtric Active Optical Cables are also available to purchase directly from the VIA Store.

Active Optical Cable Trends Report

In addition, as part of this product development, VIA conducted an investigative survey to discover first-hand the emerging active optical cable trends. The survey questions concentrated on the broad themes of optical cable usage, desired optical cable properties and the likelihood of purchase.

The results can found in a comprehensive report we have just published. In this report, our focus is to understand the growing active optical cable market. Long known as a niche product, active optical cables are appealing to a wider audience within the industry and consumer sector.

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