Building customer loyalty for parking lot customers with the VIA Mobile360 LPR System

Building customer loyalty for parking lot customers with LPR System

Without customers there is no business. Taking customers for granted is a sure way to lose business. With the VIA Mobile360 LPR (License Plate Recognition) System, parking lot owners can show their customers that they truly care about them and easily build customer loyalty.

Drivers looking for a parking lot care about location, price, convenience, security, and value. The last two are where the system shines. When it’s installed in a parking lot, drivers know that when they leave their car there the system keeps it safe. With absolute accuracy it knows when their car enters and when it leaves the lot. No thief would dare try to steal their car knowing that the VIA Mobile360 License Plate Recognition System will record the whole thing.

But how can a parking lot operator show their customers where the value comes in? One good option is a customer loyalty package. For example, the parking lot owner could offer free parking every twentieth time a driver parks his or her car. That is a 5% discount, not a huge amount but one drivers will notice and like. With minimal fuss, parking lot owners can set up the system to automatically send a “free parking today” message to drivers. Every driver would smile getting that message.

Operating such a customer loyalty program requires absolute accuracy. Worse than rewarding someone too early, for their nineteenth day parking in the lot say, would be not rewarding someone for their twentieth. People notice when they don’t get something they feel they have earned.

With its ability to automatically log each time a car uses the parking lot, the VIA Mobile360 License Plate Recognition System not only ensures complete accuracy but also makes it fast and simple to build effective customer loyalty programs without having to increase complexity and cost by adding extra staff. What’s more, the data that the system generates can be used for additional analysis of, for example, overall parking lot usage that can lead to new business insights and the development of new services and pricing models that further boost customer satisfaction and the operational efficiency of the facility.


The VIA Mobile360 License Plate Recognition System collects license plate data complete with high quality images, timestamps, and GPS coordinates from up to four cameras. The system has a robust low-power design optimized for demanding in-vehicle and outdoor environments. It offers multiple hardware and software customization options to meet specific installation requirements, including support for up to four cameras, HD Digital Video Recording, remote wireless monitoring, and seamless cloud database integration. 

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