Eliminating ID-checking bottlenecks with the VIA Smart Access Control System

ID-checking bottlenecks

No one likes bottlenecks. Whether on the freeway, at the gas pump, or waiting in line at the supermarket, bottlenecks cost time, and time costs money and increases frustration. The VIA Smart Access Control System may not be able to solve all bottlenecks and eliminate all queues, but is an ideal solution for eliminating the ID-checking bottlenecks and can do wonders for building managers.

Since 9/11 building managers have had to pay more and more attention to building security. Controlling ingress and egress is crucial: job one is knowing who is inside the building. The VIA Smart Access Control System provides a fast and accurate solution for answering this question in real-time.

In many buildings today, when employees arrive for work they must line up to pass through a gate by showing a guard a plastic card with their name, image, company, and perhaps a QR code. This sounds efficient and effective on paper, but in the real world bottlenecks can easily happen.

In every lineup there are always people who are ready when it’s their turn with their card in hand, on a chain, or pinned in a visible place. But even they must stop, wait for visual inspection, and then move when given the go-ahead. This process takes three to five seconds, which doesn’t sound like much, but in a lineup of 50 people it causes the line to slow, so that those at the end shuffle, not walk, forward.

But in any given lineup there will be people who are preoccupied and not ready when it’s their turn. Ten, maybe twenty seconds pass while they hunt for their card. The line stops, then starts again, even slower. It may stop for more than thirty seconds when there is a person who can’t find their card and the guard must take them out of the line.

The entire system depends upon hyper-vigilant guards. Most guards may take professional pride in their work, but even they have days off or take breaks, and are replaced by a less-vigilant guard. Or they may have a cold, a headache, are going through a divorce, or have other problems that affect their concentration.

Building security no longer must depend upon people. Machines like the VIA Smart Access Control System can do a much more effective and efficient job. The system is optimized to ensure highly-accurate facial recognition that is lightning-fast and thus eliminates long waiting lines.

No annoying lineups or cards for people working in the building. No need to hire extra guards for the morning and evening rush hours. And no chance of intruders taking advantage of lax security to come in and steal property or create disturbances. These are just some of the benefits of installing the VIA Smart Access Control System in buildings.

The VIA Smart Access Control System allows organizations to strengthen building security and surveillance while allowing lightning-fast access for staff and approved visitors. The system features high-precision facial recognition software and comprehensive analytics capabilities and supports up to four high-quality video streams. With its scalable design, it can be customized to meet specific deployment requirements.

If you would like to learn more about how the system can meet your building security needs, please contact us by email at: embedded@via.com.tw


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