Solving the fake ID problem with the VIA Smart Facial Recognition Security System

fake ID problem

How do you buy alcohol when you are underage? If you can’t ask an older person for help or don’t have a full beard at 18, the easiest way is to use fake ID. With modern software and printers, creating believable fake ID is easy. Solving the fake ID problem should be at the top of building managers’ priority list.

Building security starts by controlling who is in the building. Most modern buildings use some form of personal card system based on passport-style photos. With staff turnover no guard is going to recognize every person lining up to enter a building. They will always rely on comparing the photo on the card to the person using the card: if they match they are let in.

Adding to the concern is the fact that the most dangerous people to let in the building are also the ones professional enough to create excellent fake IDs. Liquor store owners can decide not to serve someone who obviously hasn’t started shaving yet no matter if the photos match. Building security can’t do that: maybe the new employee is an intern and is only 18.

The good news is that building security now has a far better tool to control who gets inside. The VIA Smart Facial Recognition System is fast, accurate and reliable and removes all worries about fake IDs. Modern software and printers are good but can’t fake someone’s face. With both hardware and software components easy to customize and install, the VIA Smart Facial Recognition System is a building manager’s best friend. Not only does it recognize faces in a split second; it can also be set up to flag faces of people who are on a Not Allowed Entry list.

With the VIA Smart Facial Recognition System guarding the front door building, managers will always know who is in the building, who was in but has left, and who tried but were denied entry. All with no extra guards to hire or pay, and with increased satisfaction from those who work in the building. Better security, lower costs, and increased user satisfaction, another win-win-win situation for the VIA Smart Facial Recognition System and the building manager.

The VIA Smart Facial Recognition Security System strengthens building security and surveillance while allowing lightning-fast access for staff and approved visitors. Combining the high-performance NVIDIA Jetson TX2 AI platform with the high-precision VIA Facial Recognition algorithm, the system supports up to four high-quality surveillance cameras and enables seamless cloud integration with its advanced software and wealth of wireless connectivity features. For more information, download your copy of theVIA Smart Facial Recognition Security Platform brochure.

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