Provide your customers a VIP experience with the VIA Smart Retail Engagement System

VIP experience with VIA Facial Recognition

Have you ever walked into a store and felt like one of the crowd? Have you ever been shopping for something unique for yourself, but haven’t decided what you want? Imagine if you could supply your customers with a completely customized and unique experience tailored to your products. The VIA Smart Retail Engagement System can provide your client with that warm welcome and VIP Treatment every time.

From doctor’s offices to restaurants, businesses are often too busy to help everyone at the same time. Employees come and go and take with them the relationship with the client, but data is forever. Technology is changing the way customer service is done, with higher throughput and a more repeatable experience. The VIA Smart Retail Engagement System can assist you to retain clients as your company grows by increasing the level of service to that they will keep them coming back.

Health professionals can help alleviate the pain of checking in for an appointment and also provide an extra layer of security to the process. Patients can be shown content based on Gender, Age, and Emotions to make their visit more enjoyable. The VIA Smart Retail Engagement System can make this possible. For example, a male in his 40’s might be interested in the latest news on prostate health or a mother the latest trends in child growth and development.

A restaurant can cater to its customers by remembering which meal they had eaten last or which meals they order the most. Imagine if every time your waiter could suggest exactly what you like to eat, which wine you prefer, and if you like to order dessert or not. The dangers of dietary restrictions and food allergy mistakes can be mitigated with warnings automatically conveyed to the kitchen. The VIA Smart Retail Engagement System brings a restaurant’s service into the 21st Century and gives its customers another reason to come back for more.

These powerful technologies can be applied to almost any customer interaction in every business. Hair salons can suggest the latest trends in style, makeup counters can suggest a new color, automotive shops can know which car you have and based on service records suggest maintenance to be performed. Gyms can prevent two people from using the same access card, while suggesting new routines or classes.

VIA not only sells systems; we design custom solutions for every client’s unique needs. Whatever segment of the service industry you are in, your customers will thank you for providing your customer a true VIP experience with the VIA Smart Retail Engagement System.

The VIA Smart Retail Engagement System enables organizations to enhance customer convenience while boosting staff productivity and store sales through the development of personalized applications and services. The system features high-precision facial recognition software and comprehensive analytics capabilities and supports up to four high-quality video streams. 

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