Four Ways the VIA License Plate Recognition System Boosts your Parking Lot Bottom Line

Boosts your Parking Lot

Parking lots are an old industry made young by the VIA License Plate Recognition System. Here are four key ways that investing in the VIA LPR System breathes new life into your parking lot bottom line.

The first way is the most obvious – installing the VIA LPR System adds more parking spots and thus generates more revenue. How? The VIA LPR System removes dead area currently used to house the token dispensing machines, and the space used to collect the tokens and raise/lower the gate. No gate + no tokens = more parking spots.

The next way is just as obvious – using the VIA LPR System lowers headcount and thus reduces payroll. More parking spots + lower payroll = higher revenue. Once system is installed, it can automatically monitor usage and bill accordingly without the need for extra staff.

The remaining two ways are different, but related. Both affect demand, not supply. The first is increased customer satisfaction. Given a choice, drivers will naturally use parking lots that do not have a token and gate system. No driver will choose to fumble with change or credit cards, tokens, and rolling windows up and down if the other choice is simply to drive in and drive out.

Once the VIA LPR System is installed, parking lot managers can easily sort and parse the wealth of relevant, accurate data collected. One key way to keep a parking lot full is through a customer loyalty system, in which management uses the data to reward frequent users. One free use per twenty times parking is only a 5% discount, but seeing a zero charge and the word “free” on their monthly bill looms far larger than 5% saving in a driver’s mind.

These four ways showing how the VIA LPR System can breathe new life into to parking lot profits only scratch the surface of what is possible. VIA doesn’t sell just sell systems; we work with clients to offer solutions to real-life issues. The more closely we cooperate, the more benefits we make possible.

The VIA Mobile360 License Plate Recognition System collects license plate data complete with high quality images, timestamps, and GPS coordinates from up to four cameras. The system has a robust low-power design optimized for demanding in-vehicle and outdoor environments. It offers multiple hardware and software customization options to meet specific installation requirements, including support for up to four cameras, HD Digital Video Recording, remote wireless monitoring, and seamless cloud database integration. 

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