VIA Launches VIA SOM-6X80 Module for Automated Information Display and Ticketing Systems

Automated Information Display and Ticketing Systems

Enables rapid design, development, and deployment for retail, transportation, and industrial environments

Taipei, Taiwan, July 18, 2018 – VIA Technologies, Inc., today announced the launch of the VIA SOM-6X80, an ultra-compact low-power system-on-module that accelerates the development and deployment of automated ticketing, signage, and kiosk systems for retail, transportation, and industrial IoT applications.

“Automated systems that enable instant information access and cashier-free payments are critical for boosting convenience for consumers no matter whether they’re in a train station, shopping center, or parking lot,” said Richard Brown, VP International Marketing, VIA Technologies, Inc. “Our latest VIA SOM-6X80 module makes it quick and easy to design and build automated information display and transaction processing systems for any such environment.”

Powered by a 1.0GHz dual-core VIA Cortex-A9 SoC, the VIA SOM-6X80 delivers advanced compute and multimedia performance in an ultra-compact low-power package that measures just 6.67cm x 6.3cm.

In addition to 8GB eMMC Flash memory and 2GB DDR3 SDRAM onboard, the module offers a rich array of I/O and display expansion options to facilitate integration into even the smallest system form factors and ensure seamless connectivity with cameras, card readers, printers, POS systems, and screens. These options include three USB 2.0 ports, one HDMI port, one DVO port or one single-channel 18/24-bit LVDS panel, 6 UART, one CSI camera input, 10/100Mbps Ethernet, 9 GPIO, and one SD Card slot.

To accelerate system development, the VIA SOM-6X80 can be paired with the VIA SOMDB1 carrier board. A custom baseboard can also be designed to meet specific application requirements.

The VIA SOM-6X80 features a Linux BSP which includes the kernel (3.4.5) and bootloader source codes. Other features include a Tool Chain to help make adjustments to the kernel and to support the VIA SOMDB1 carrier board I/O and other hardware features. A full set of hardware and software customization services that speed up time to market is also available.


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