Why Should You Choose Facial Recognition (and What do You Need)?

why choose facial recognition

From powering the security in the newest iPhone to automatically categorising Google photos, the technology has now hit the mainstream.

Facial recognition is taking off in a big way. In addition to providing security for the Apple iPhone X, larger systems are being deployed in airports, railway stations, even in some schools. The potential of the technology is certainly exciting. Ticketmaster, for example, is reportedly experimenting with using facial recognition to replace physical tickets.

As Fast Company magazine explained: “The program will give Ticketmaster access to a much deeper level of information about ticket buyers and ticket users than they have now, including understanding who is in attendance at the event, how they received their tickets, and the ability to communicate with them while they are in the venue.”

Implemented properly, facial recognition is a powerful tool that can augment many parts of a business. The technology can also be used to boost building security by ditching the need for traditional door passes. For retail, facial recognition can be used to build audience demographics, track customer satisfaction, even offer unique deals and a tailored shopping experience. It can also provide a solution for catching shoplifters, by comparing captured facial information to a database of known offenders.

Implementing a solution that can work for your business can be a real challenge. But today’s cutting-edge appliances come with core facial recognition technology built-in, processing face data locally for high performance and enhanced security, while communicating with back-end databases for scalability and customisation.

Building Blocks

Key to the success of VIA’s own Smart Retail Engagement System and Smart Access Control System is a powerful SDK that allows you to develop custom applications and deployments. All systems work using the same base technology, which delivers the following benefits:

Whitelists and Blacklists

Whitelists and Blacklists are easy-to-maintain databases. Potential uses for these lists include automatically spotting VIP customers and alerting staff to respond or spotting banned shoplifters so that security staff can intercept them quickly.

why choose facial recognition
Facial recognition isn’t just about spotting individuals, but automatically categorising and monitoring people.


With VIA’s smart demographics, visitors can be categorised by gender, age range and a simple physical count. This information can monitor footfall and flow through a retail environment and can help stores target the largest demographics that visit them.

With digital signage integration, demographic information can also be used to target content specifically to the viewer, displaying deals or product highlights designed to match the age of a person detected by the system.

Emotion Detection

By analysing so-called ‘micro expressions’, VIA’s smart emotion detection technology has the capability to assess how people are feeling. It’s a potentially powerful tool that lets you automate responses depending on the situation.

For example, when installed inside an office building, you can watch for suspicious behaviour or people in distress. While in a retail environment, you can use the technology to capture the mood of a store or a specific display, helping you improve flow through a shop.

“A supermarket might use it in the aisles,” a video surveillance expert told the BBC. “Not to identify people, but to analyse who came in in terms of age and gender as well as their basic mood. It can help with targeted marketing and product placement.”

System Choice

VIA supplies multiple facial recognition systems for different uses. For building security, there’s the VIA Smart Access Control System. Running on the high-performance Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 820E embedded platform, each system can monitor up to four video streams. Using the facial recognition abilities mentioned above, the system can control access to a building, as well as track attendance of both staff and visitors.

why choose facial recognition
With facial recognition, ID cards could become a thing of the past, with automated security proving faster and more reliable.

Boosting security, the system can flag and deny access to intruders, preventing unauthorised access. This smart approach to monitoring ensures that security staff are warned about suspicious people, objects and activities speedily and automatically.

For shopping and entertainment locations, the new VIA Smart Retail Engagement System can be customised using VIA’s core facial recognition building blocks and flexible SDK. The system supports up to four video streams can and can power dual 4K displays. This enables it to act as both a base for in-store security, monitoring for those on the blacklist, and to provide a custom experience to customers, identifying whitelisted VIP shoppers and building audience demographics.

Facial Recognition is the Future

Rather than just detecting and remembering individuals, facial recognition can power improved building security and tailored shopping experiences. Click here to find out more about the VIA Smart Access Control System and how we can help you get started.

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