Facial Recognition Survey Results: 92% of Respondents Looking to Build FRT Systems

facial recognition survey

We’d like to thank everyone who participated in our recent Facial Recognition Survey for your invaluable feedback, and to congratulate the survey respondent from Italy on winning the prize of the VIA Vtric Active Optical Cable. You can download our report on the results here.

Facial Recognition Survey

The survey showed a strong momentum behind facial recognition with 92% of the respondents indicating an interest in building systems featuring the technology. Security was most popular target application at 37%, followed by Retail at 20%, Industry at 18%, and Education at 12%.

The growth of interest in these new segments reflects the speed that facial recognition technology is being deployed not just to improve the safety of stores, offices, factories, stations, airports and other facilities, but also to increase convenience for the shoppers, staff, and travelers that use them.

The black list/white list feature, for example, attracted strong interest (23%) among respondents because it can be employed for controlling access to buildings and creating new VIP Programs that boost customer loyalty by delivering personalized services to recognized shoppers. In the same way, emotional/behavioral analysis (19%) can also be utilized to detect potential shoplifters and intruders but also to identify whether shoppers are attracted to a particular product or display. Object detection, the most popular feature in the survey at 24%, also promises to enable myriad possibilities across multiple industry segments as it matures.

Facial Recognition Survey

When it comes to the deployment of FRT systems, the vast majority (78%) of respondents favored a combination of cloud and edge processing. The interest in edge-only deployments (15%) was double that of cloud-only (7%) installations. We expect this gap to grow wider in the future as Edge AI systems become more powerful and add greater levels of intelligence.

The number of cameras required for FRT systems is also set to grow according the survey results, with 39% of respondents planning to integrate four or more devices. The percentage of single-camera preferences was 22%. IP cameras were by far the most popular camera type at 61% followed by USB cameras at 27%. MIPI and CSI devices accounted for 7% and 5% respectively.

Once again, we’d like to thank everyone who participated in this survey for your invaluable feedback. This has given us a more comprehensive understanding of your FRT technology and deployment needs and provides very useful input for our future roadmap.

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