Latest Software, Documentation, and EOL Product News

Latest Software, Documentation, and EOL Product News

We’d like to take this opportunity to wish you all a Happy Lunar New Year of the Pig and share a few news updates with you before the holiday starts.

The VIA Taiwan and VIA China offices will be closed from February 3 – 8 for the holiday. Our VIA Fremont and VIA Europe operations will be operating normally. Indeed, our European team is busy gearing up for Embedded World 2019, which takes place from February 26 – February 28 at the Nuremberg Exhibition Center in Germany. To find out more about the latest Edge AI, IoT, and Computer Vision innovations that we will display at the show, please click here.

Software & Documentation Updates

We have recently post some updates to the BSP and EVK packages and documentation for the VIA VAB-820 board, VIA ARTiGO A820 system, and VIA SOM-9X20 module. New datasheets and updated user manuals are also available for the VIA AMOS-820 system, VIA Viqi M.2 SSD and VIA EMIO-2573 miniPCIe Mobile Broadband Module. The software and document updates can be downloaded from each product page, under the “Download” tab or just by clicking on the links in the table below.

New BSP and EVK Package Releases







New Documentation Releases and Updates




EOL Updates

We would also like to inform you that a number of our products are reaching the EOL stage. Please refer to the table below for more information and our suggestions for replacements. The final order date for most of the EOL products is April 30, 2019 and the final shipment date is September 28, 2019. For the VAB-600 and VAB-1000, the final order and shipment dates are July 31 and December 31. Please contact us by email if you need more information or support.

17” Panel
Apr. 30, 2019Sep. 30, 2019N/A
10.1” Panel+Touch
Apr. 30, 2019Sep. 30, 2019N/A

EXT-PCIGApr. 30, 2019Sep. 30, 2019N/A

PCIE-03Apr. 30, 2019Sep. 30, 2019N/A

LPC-01GApr. 30, 2019Sep. 30, 2019N/A

LPC-02GApr. 30, 2019Sep. 30, 2019N/A

LPC-04R2/R4Apr. 30, 2019Sep. 30, 2019N/A

Apr. 30, 2019Sep. 30, 2019N/A

COMe8X90-12XApr. 30, 2019Sep. 30, 2019N/A

COMe8X92-12Apr. 30, 2019Sep. 30, 2019N/A

COMe9X90-12Apr. 30, 2019Sep. 30, 2019N/A

10GV6000000A0Apr. 30, 2019Sep. 30, 2019N/A

10GAP000000A0Apr. 30, 2019Sep. 30, 2019N/A

AMOS-3003-1D12A1Apr. 30, 2019Sep. 30, 2019

ATG-A600-1S08A1Apr. 30, 2019Sep. 30, 2019

ATG-A830-1D10A1Apr. 30, 2019Sep. 30, 2019

VAB-600 VAB-600-STK
Jul. 31, 2019Dec. 31, 2019

Jul. 31, 2019Dec. 31, 2019

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