Improve Vehicle Safety and Efficiency with the VIA Mobile360 D700 Drive Recorder

drive recorder driver safety

Increase driver safety through enhanced behavior monitoring and get detailed vehicle performance data of every trip: these are two key improvement areas for fleet vehicle management. Typically, though, this can require several separate systems, inflating project costs, time and complication.

However, the new VIA Mobile360 D700 Drive Recorder that VIA is demonstrating at Embedded World 2019 now combines all this together in a single, highly-integrated device. By using VIA’s hardware, software, and Cloud customization services, the recorder can meet specific project requirements, lowering the risk, and getting it off the ground and operational faster.

The VIA Mobile360 D700 is a compact, robust, and stylish device that sits in the cab with the driver. Its two Full HD cameras can capture footage at up to 50fps, providing richly detailed, incredibly smooth video streams of both inside the vehicle and out onto the road ahead. This improved monitoring can lower vehicle maintenance, repair, and insurance costs, reduce contesting accidents, and eliminate fake claims. The footage is saved onto up to two microSD cards during trips, then later – if required –uploaded to Cloud storage services at certain intervals or when it detects a certain Wi-Fi hotspot.

Whereas the video streams are already useful for improving safety and liability management, matching the video to data pulled direct from the vehicle can provide a much deeper level of insights and more effective fleet management. To do this, the VIA Mobile360 D700 offers CAN Bus integration, enabling it to directly connect to the in-vehicle systems and collect detailed trip data such as vehicle idle time, fuel consumption, speed(ing), and distance traveled. This data can be analyzed to identify opportunities for greater operational efficiency through more effective route planning, remote vehicle monitoring, and asset utilization.

Further, the VIA Mobile360 D700 integrates GPS location tracking and either 4G LTE and/or Wi-Fi data connectivity, depending on the install requirements. With an always-on connection it can provide real-time route tracking and monitoring via a Cloud portal to a central management team. Customizable event triggers keep the team informed of critical situations so that they can respond immediately rather than waiting for a call, while a user-friendly companion app makes analysis of trip reports a breeze.

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