Smart Security Isn’t Just Wireless, It’s Now Wire-Free

Smart security wire-free

The VIA VPai Smart Home IP Camera and VIA VPai Smart Security Solar IP Camera overcome many of the problems associated with smart security systems

The volume of smart home devices is rocketing, with analysts predicting that by the end of 2019 there will be 26 billion connected devices around the world. Many of these are IP security cameras, which have been around in one form or another since the early days of the smart home/automation market.

Of course, anyone who’s used a typical smart camera knows that they have suffered from a range of adoption barriers that have restricted a broader uptake. These have included: cumbersome management software; the requirement for physical cabling (limiting where cameras could be placed); unwieldy device sizes; low quality images; patchy performance; limited storage capacity; inflexible subscription costs; and a distinct lack of reliability.

The New Shape of Smart Cameras

However, as the smart camera market has matured these barriers have been comprehensively addressed and, in some devices, far exceeded. Some of the newest cameras around, like the VIA VPai Smart Home IP Camera, are small and compact without compromising on features. They are also stylishly designed, leaving the big, boxy and downright ugly form factors of the past behind. Put a modern smart camera in your living room or outside in the garden, and you won’t even know it’s there. Nor will any trespassers…

Smart cameras are no longer bogged down by difficult-to-use software either. Modern cameras are plug-and-play, connecting quickly to home Wi-Fi networks and controlled by user-friendly Apple iPhone and Android smartphone apps. This allows you to instantly receive alerts when any motion is detected by a camera (day or night) and to easily stream or review your video feeds from anywhere.

Smart security wire-free
With a built-in battery, the VIA VPai Smart Home IP Camera is smarter than your average web cam.

With additional two-way audio support, you can even talk to anyone you see on camera. This is particularly useful in the home, where an alert might be triggered by a family member arriving home, a legitimate visitor or delivery courier, who can then discuss a return visit or putting your parcel into a designated safe place, potentially facilitated with a VIA VPai Smart Lock. In the event that an unwanted intruder is spotted, a siren alert can even be sounded.

Low-quality recordings are no longer a problem either. Fitted with infrared night vision, cameras like the VIA VPai Smart Home IP Camera and the VIA VPai Smart Security Solar IP Camera can record clear video footage at 1080p Full HD (1980 x 1080 pixels), with a comprehensive field of view to cover the widest areas of your home or business, inside or out.

Streaming Best-quality HD Video

Of course, 1080p has been around for some time, but previously achieving this level of quality often required a cable, due to inefficient compression techniques. Cameras including the VIA VPai Smart Security Solar IP Camera solve this by utilising a H.264 video compression engine. So even at night, superior night vision means that high-quality video can be easily streamed, wirelessly and instantly.

If you’ve owned a smart camera before, you’ll know that performance can often be hit-and-miss. In some models, motion alerts can be triggered when sunlight casts flickering shadows onto a wall, or go off when next door’s cat runs across your backyard. But with AI features such as face and object recognition baked into today’s newest devices, systems can discount familiar people and pets, minimising the number of false alarms you receive and improving overall performance.

Smart security wire-free
The VIA VPai Smart Home IP Camera features a solar panel and built-in battery for truly wireless operation.

All of which brings us to reliability, an area where cameras have often proved to be less than smart. There have been several frustrations here, chief of which is the need for every camera to have its own power supply. Not only does this restrict where cameras can be placed in a home or a business, but it means that devices don’t work or record if they lose power.

But even that problem has been addressed. Some of the newest smart cameras aren’t just wireless, they are also wire-free. The VIA VPai Smart Home IP Camera, for example, incorporates a Lithium Ion battery that can deliver up to six months of standby time. While the VIA VPai Smart Security Solar IP Camera can operate 24/7 without external power, thanks to a class-beating 5V 0.2A solar panel that keeps the industry-standard 18650 rechargeable batteries topped up.

The result is complete flexibility in terms of mounting options, which can be tailored precisely to the location and needs of the user, rather than subject to the requirements of cable runs.

Sustainable, Tough and Eco-friendly

The sustainability of the VIA VPai Smart Security Solar IP Camera is also extremely high, as once it is set up it operates with little or no maintenance. This makes it an ideal solution for remote or tricky installations that make regular checks difficult or impossible. Cost savings on maintenance routines in larger installations, as well as carbon savings are significant, in addition to the ecological benefits of using sustainable power.

The VIA VPai Smart Security Solar IP Camera can also be upgraded with full AI facial recognition if networked with VIA Edge AI systems, and this combination of AI and true wireless ability has resulted in some interesting use cases. One example is preventative monitoring with intelligent alerts in farmland, where the ruggedised outer case has also proved to be a key asset. This off-grid ability is augmented by the presence of an onboard MicroSD slot, so footage can be stored locally even if the camera loses its wireless connection.

At VIA, we want to push the boundaries of what cameras can do at home and for business. To learn more about the VIA VPai Smart Home IP Camera and the VIA VPai Smart Security Solar IP Camera, and to see the latest in smart security solutions, visit us at booth 2-551 at the 2019 Embedded World exhibition.

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