VIA at Embedded World 2019: VIA Mobile360 ADAS System

VIA Mobile360 ADAS

With Embedded World 2019 less than a month away, we have been busy making the final preparations for the event.

One of the highlights of our booth will be our Edge AI solutions for smart transportation, including the VIA Mobile360 ADAS system. Featuring a ruggedized design, wide voltage input, wide operating temperature range, and sophisticated power management, the system has been optimized for the most demanding on-road and off-road conditions.

With its support for up to nine automotive-grade cameras, VIA Mobile360 ADAS provides flexible configuration options for a wide range of use cases including freight transportation & delivery, construction, mining, agriculture, forestry, refuse collection, cargo security, law enforcement, and buses and coaches.

The system supports a complete range of ADAS features including Lane Departure Warning, Speed Limit Detection, Rear-end Collision Avoidance, Forward Collision Warning, Blind Spot Detection, Pedestrian Detection, and Vehicle Detection and Classification for special vehicles, motorcycles, and bicycles. Additional options include real-time Surround View 360° display, License Plate Recognition, and Driver Behavior Monitoring.

As its name implies, the Driver Behavior Monitoring application improves vehicle safety by detecting potentially dangerous driver behavior such as talking on the phone and taking your eyes off the road as well as signs of fatigue like closing your eyes and yawning. When the system detects these kinds of problems, it automatically issues an alert to the driver and the fleet management center over the cloud.

In addition to the system hardware and software, we can provide high-quality FOV-40 and FOV-190 automotive-grade cameras and FAKRA cables that have undergone vigorous on-the-road testing to provide a complete solution for our customers. In addition we offer extensive hardware, software, and cloud integration customization services.

To learn more about VIA Mobile360 ADAS, please feel free to visit us at booth #2-551 in Hall 2 at Embedded World 2019 or contact us here.

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