VIA Demonstrates “Little Lion” Autonomous Delivery Vehicle Integrating VIA Mobile360 Surround View Computer Vision Technology at 9th China International New Energy and Intelligence Vehicle Forum

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Will accelerate the introduction of unmanned last-mile logistics services in major Chinese cities

Taipei, Taiwan, April 2, 2019 – VIA Technologies, Inc., today announced that it is showcasing the VIA Mobile360 Surround View in-vehicle 360° video monitoring system at the 9th China International New Energy and Intelligence Vehicle Forum (NEV China 2019) held in Shanghai on April 2 – 3.

At the event, VIA is also demonstrating the 10th generation “Little Lion” autonomous delivery vehicle from Wuhan-based Aisimba Technology featuring a VIA Mobile360 Surround View system. The Aisimba “Little Lion” is a world-leading special-purpose transportation robot for indoor and outdoor applications that can be used for transporting objects, delivering packages, and sending documents to schools, residential communities, industrial parks, and high-technology parks.

“Little Lion” is one of the first domestic autonomous delivery vehicles to undergo commercial trials in China. Unmanned delivery services that utilize the vehicle are currently being carried out at various schools and campuses in Wuhan, Hangzhou, and Shanghai. Customers can make orders and schedule deliveries using their mobile phone 24/7.

“Last-mile delivery services will be the first sector to see the commercialization of autonomous driving technologies on a large scale. Market demand is high and offers a great deal of potential,” said Zhang Liang, CEO of Aisimba Technology. “Aisimba’s industry-leading technologies and solutions for autonomous driving mean that we are now at the very forefront of commercialization. In the short-term, we will focus on the development of campus and community scenarios to support the automation of traditional enterprises and provide one-stop smart management.”

On Aisimba’s cooperation with VIA, Zhang Liang commented that the two companies will leverage their complementary strengths to accelerate the mass adoption of autonomous driving by the general public as soon as possible.

“We are very excited to be collaborating with Aisimba on the development of its leading-edge autonomous delivery vehicle systems and applications,” said Richard Brown, Vice-President of International Marketing, VIA Technologies, Inc. “We are very optimistic about the potential for driverless last-mile delivery services in China and other global markets.”

VIA Mobile360 Surround View is a highly-integrated in-vehicle system that be customized for wide variety of driver assistance and autonomous applications with its support for 360° video monitoring, ADAS, DMS (Driver Management System), NVR, and sensor fusion.

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The 9th China International New Energy and Intelligence Vehicle Forum (NEV China 2019) takes place in Shanghai on April 2 – 3. Experts from more than 260 companies around the world are set to attend the forum to discuss pioneering technologies and trending topics in new energy and smart vehicles. The forum will cover Internet-of-Vehicles technology and cyber-security, fuel cells, hydrogen production and storage, wireless charging, sensors and ADAS, artificial intelligence and autonomous driving. These NEV-related fields will encompass the entire global industry chain for new energy vehicles.

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